2 Important Reasons to Seek Medical Attention Immediately after an Accident

No matter what type of accident you’ve been in, whether a car crash, a work accident, or a slip and fall, make sure you seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious or if there are no outward signs of damage, you should still go for a thorough medical examination.

Why is this so important? Procrastination can greatly hurt you – in more ways than one. Here are two reasons to seek medical care as soon as injury occurs.

#1: Serious Injuries May Not Yet Be Outwardly Visible

The first reason you need to be on the ball with seeking medical attention is that your health matters. Stalling or delaying seeing a doctor and just hoping the injury will just go away is a poor way to care for your health and well-being.

Plus, there are certain injuries that may show no outward symptoms right away. For instance, some of the injuries that may have occurred, even if symptoms are not yet manifesting, include:

  • internal bleeding;
  • head injuries; and
  • organ damage.

Failure to diagnose and treat these injuries can result in major and life-threatening consequences.

#2: Procrastination Can Hurt You Legally (and Financially)

If you do not seek medical attention right away, then later try to file a claim to cover the cost of your damages, you may run into legal trouble. In many instances, there is another party at fault in your accident. It may be:

  • another driver;
  • a manufacturer;
  • a business;
  • your employer; or
  • a property owner.

If another party contributed to your accident, you have the right to file a claim against them to pursue restitution for your injuries.

The state of Ohio has a legal statute of limitations by which you’ll need to abide, or you negate your rights to compensation. If you wait too long, you’ll overstep these limits and waive your rights to filing an injury claim.

If you do wind up filing a negligence claim, you might have trouble proving your case if you’ve stalled seeking medical care. This is because insurance companies most likely will argue that your condition was not caused the by accident in question, or that your injuries are fabricated because so much time has passed.

Keep All Your Medical Bills & Records

When you do seek medical attention, make it a point to retain all your medical bills, notes you’ve taken at the doctor’s office and treatment plans. Likewise, if you miss any work days because of your injury, take note of that as well. If and when you file a claim, it’ll be much easier to calculate the value of your claim when you have all these records.

Tending to your medical needs helps protect your health and your legal rights. If you have been injured in an accident and need to speak to someone about your legal rights and how best to go about obtaining compensation for your injuries, consult an injury law firm in your area.

Consulting with an Injury Lawyer

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