Accidents That Involve a Commercial Vehicle Truck

Commercial vehicle accidents can result in devastating and catastrophic injuries that impact your life forever. When such a collision occurs as a result of another’s negligent actions, you are entitled to just and adequate compensation for all of your losses.

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Commercial vehicle accidents can cause serious and even fatal injuries to drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. Due to the large size of most semi tractor-trailers or other types of trucks, other drivers typically sustain more injuries and property damage when collisions occur. As a result, it is essential that you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney for help with all injury and accident claims.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Meeting with Your Attorney
Your attorney will need information from you in order to evaluate and represent you in your personal injury claim. Since so much documentary evidence is involved in these cases, your lawyer can help you gather what you can provide; and he will investigate and track down other important information.

  • Medical records for all treatment received for your injuries, from doctors, emergency personnel, hospitals, therapists, and any other type of medical providers
  • Medical bills for injuries and treatment resulting from the accident
  • Your statement of what happened during the accident
  • Documentation of lost wages or salary due to your injuries
  • Driving records for all drivers involved
  • Police reports, witness statements, and diagrams relating to the collision
  • History of legal or regulatory violations by the company owning the vehicles
  • Driving-related criminal history of any drivers involved in the accident

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Valuing Your Claim
After collecting and evaluating all of the evidence related to your accident, your lawyer will attempt to place a monetary value on your personal injury claim. While no amount of money can fully compensate you for serious injuries, or for the suffering sustained by you and your family, we can seek to recover an amount that is sufficient to pay your medical bills and give you some level of compensation for your losses. In addition to losses on which you can easily place a monetary value, such as medical bills, you may be entitled to damages for emotional stress, pain and suffering, and losses to your family as a result of your injuries.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: The Negotiation Process
Many times, this type of accident will result in an agreed settlement. The insurance companies for the responsible parties will pay a lump sum payment to compensate you for your injuries. Negotiating a settlement between the parties often can take several months, or even years, as both sides to the dispute work on gathering evidence and placing a value on your claim. Attorneys also must analyze the specifics of all insurance policies involved, and then arrive at a figure that is acceptable to all parties involved.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Litigation and the Court Process
If, however, you are unable to obtain a satisfactory settlement for your claim, your choice may be to pursue the responsible parties through the court process. A complaint for damages is filed in the appropriate court, and the parties then proceed through the formal discovery process, in which you are required to exchange and disclose all information and evidence related to the collision. If settlement is not reached, then the case can proceed to trial. A jury and/or judge will decide who is responsible for the accident, to what degree each party is responsible, and how much compensation is appropriate given the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

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