Columbus Attorney David Bressman Appearing on Channel 6’s “Ask The Attorney”

David Bressman Channel 6 Ask The Lawyer

Columbus attorney David Bressman’s face may look familiar if you’re a regular viewer of ABC 6 On Your Side. Mr. Bressman recently appeared on the channel’s “Ask The Attorney” program where top local attorneys share their legal expertise on a variety of questions. Viewers call into the program with legal questions spanning the various legal fields.

Mr. Bressman is a personal injury attorney…

Are Hands Free Devices Really a Safer Alternative While Driving?

If you’re like most people, you feel much safer using a hands-free cell phone instead of a handheld phone when driving. But a recent poll conducted by the National Safety Council (NSC), proves otherwise.

More than 30 different studies determined hands-free devices are no safer than handheld cell phones. That’s because the brain is distracted by the cell phone conversation regardless of…

Legal Options for Victims of Tailgating in Columbus

Dangerous things can happen when people let their desire to get somewhere quickly interfere with other people’s rights to safe roads. Tailgating, or following too closely, is a serious driving hazard in Ohio. According to an Ohio Department of Transportation report, following too closely accounted for 51 fatal crashes in Ohio and 19,191 injury accidents. It accounted for more than 71,000…

When is a Tire Manufacturer Liable for Accidents Caused by Faulty or Defective Tires?

Drivers in Columbus probably were not surprised when a recent study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute found Columbus to have the worst traffic in Ohio. Because of its central location and multiple interstate highways, drivers in Columbus can expect to spend more than 40 hours per year stopped or stalled in traffic.

With more traffic comes more car accidents. While many accidents…

Defective or Faulty Tires Cause Accidents in Ohio

5 Things to Know About Car Accidents Caused by Faulty Tires
Faulty tires can cause car accidents that lead to serious or fatal injuries. A personal injury attorney with experience handling faulty or defective tire claims can answer specific questions about liability, negligence and compensation after an accident.

Faulty Tire Accidents Can Result In Serious Injuries

Faulty tires can lead…

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