Bressman Law Awards Five Scholarships to Heighten Awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries

After seeing the challenges that students with a traumatic brain injury can face, Bressman Law created a new scholarship to help support higher education and individual success.

Impressed by the strength and persistence shown by some of the applicants, Bressman Law has decided to award five scholarships during this first year: Bryan Priebe received $1,000 Bressman Law scholarship to help his complete his master’s degree in civil engineering from Brigham Young University in Provof Kentucky; Arleigha Cook, Trinity College; Garrett Looker, Ball State University or Indiana University; and Tony Lightman, Tufts University.

The scholarships applicants were required to demonstrate academic achievement and a documented traumatic brain injury diagnosis. “We were both impressed by and overwhelmed with the quality of these applications,” said David Bressman, founder of Bressman Law. “Each of these students overcame tremendous challenges and continues to dedicate time and effort toward achieving a college degree. We are thrilled that we can support their education and overall well-being.”

Learn more about our 2015 scholarship winners:

  1. Bryan Priebe
  2. Morgan Novack
  3. Arleigha Cook
  4. Garrett Looker
  5. Tony Lightman

Application materials for the 2016 scholarship will be available at later this year.

About Bressman Law

Bressman Law is a noted leader in the field of traumatic brain injuries and other personal injury law. Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating to individuals and their families, and Bressman Law works to support and represent families who are facing such challenges following an accident or injury.