How do I prove my injuries are keeping me out of work?

If you were in an accident and sustained injuries that are preventing you from working, compensation to cover your lost wages can help. There are a variety of different ways to recover lost wages, ranging from a personal injury lawsuit, an insurance claim, a claim for Social Security disability benefits and a workers’ compensation claim (assuming the injury happened on the job). While each of these routes are different, they all have something in common: you’ll have to prove that your injuries are keeping you from work. Here’s how to do that:

Proof of Date of Injury 

The first thing that can help prove your workplace injury is collecting proof of the date of injury. If your injury occurred days or weeks prior to the date when you stopped working, it may be indicative that the injury wasn’t the cause of you leaving work. On the same note, if the injury occurred after the date when you stopped working, then an insurer may question the validity of your claim.

However, if you can show proof that your injury and your last date of work occurred at the same point in time, then this can help substantiate your injury.

Medical Expert Testimony 

The single most important aspect of proving that your injuries keep you from working is a medical professional’s testimony. A medical professional can provide detailed reports about the extent of your injury and speak to the fact that your injury is severe enough to prevent you from working. If a medical report is not sufficient for the insurer, then your may doctor may need to provide actual verbal testimony. It is extremely important that any medical opinions given about your injury are as detailed as possible.

Observing Your Activities 

In some cases, you may be observed to substantiate that your injuries are severe enough to prevent you from working. While this can be intimidating, it may be necessary. Also, you may have to give personal testimony about your limitations. Those who know you well may have to testify on your behalf about your disability.

An Attorney Can Help             

If you can’t work, then you’re being prevented from collecting income to support yourself and your family. When you’re injured, you may not know what to do. At Bressman Law, our attorneys can help you file a claim to get the wage replacement benefits you need. To help prove that your injuries keep you from working, call us at 1-877-538-1116 now or contact us online.