Pedestrian, Bike-Friendly Changes to North High Street in Columbus

The City of Columbus is making quite a few changes to its roadways. One of the newest changes, which will hopefully make pedestrians safer, is taking place on North High Street in the Short North district, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

What is the city going to do?

The city has already installed protected bike lanes in the Downtown area, but now plans to widen the sidewalks on High Street to make more walking space for pedestrians.

The goal is to make the area more pedestrian and bike-friendly, while also inviting more people to visit what has become the area’s most popular district.

It also plans to turn the curb lane on High Street — a section that is typically already occupied by parked cars during rush hour — into a fully protected parking lane. This would help protect people from accidents while getting out of their cars.

What do I need to know about the changes? 

The fact is more people are visiting the Short North these days and the lack of walking room on the sidewalks poses a danger for both walkers and bikers when the area becomes congested.

To alleviate these concerns, the city plans to install curb extensions, or “bump-outs,” at street corners to keep all drivers from veering over into the new parking lane.

It also plans to add new trees and landscaping, new brick crosswalks, and more up-to-date traffic lights and signals.

The total cost of the project is expected to total roughly $25.5 million. But, the move could have the potential to add to the local economy, as the extra sidewalk space could allow restaurants in the area to begin offering street dining to patrons.

Why do these changes matter? 

Reducing the driving lanes and adding more room for pedestrians and bicyclists is an important way to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and injuries in the already highly populated area.

Crosswalks added decades ago have begun to fade. And trees planted in the area more than 30 years ago have started to make the sidewalks buckle.

These may not seem like very dangerous aspects, but all it takes is one person to trip or misstep and walk into the street.

In a busy area, where drivers may be distracted or in a rush, it is important to have the appropriate safety precautions in place to keep everyone safe.

These changes may be frustrating for drivers, but they help keep residents safe and decrease the opportunities for motor vehicle accidents to occur.

What should I do if I am involved in a pedestrian or bicycle accident? 

Despite safety precautions, pedestrians and bikers always stand the risk of being struck by a motor vehicle while on the road.

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