The Importance of Thorough Medical Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

When you are involved in an accident—regardless of the accident type—it is incredibly important that you seek medical care immediately. This is true even if you think that your injuries may not be serious; you may not feel the effects of many injuries, such as a concussion or whiplash, for days or even weeks after an accident. Further, it is important that you hold on to all medical evidence related to the injury. Thorough medical evidence for a personal injury claim can be the key to winning a fair settlement.

Medical evidence shows the extent of your injuries. 

One reason that medical evidence is so important is that it highlights the extent of your injuries. It can, in many cases, also highlight the extent of your pain and suffering. Because you can seek damages for both economic and noneconomic losses in a personal injury claim in Ohio, showing that you have suffered severe harm is important for recovering your full compensation amount.

Using medical evidence for physical injuries such as broken bones is common, but you can also use medical evidence to highlight psychological injuries that you have suffered, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety.

Medical evidence validates the harm that you have suffered. 

You can use medical evidence to:

  • Validate the harm that you have suffered (i.e. the insurance adjuster does not originally believe that you broke your leg in the car accident; your medical records prove that you indeed are suffering from a broken leg).
  • Validate that the harm that you suffered was a direct result of your accident (e.g., medical evidence can show that you first sought medical care for your broken leg within one hour of being involved in your car accident, presenting a very convincing case that your leg injury would not have occurred but for the car accident).

Medical evidence speaks to economic losses. 

Finally, medical evidence offers proof of economic losses. Your medical bills will show the exact amount of money that you have paid, or that you need to pay the hospital. It can also point to any future economic costs you may incur, such as follow-up appointments, in-home care, or physical therapy costs.

Make sure your settlement factors in these costs as well. You need to cover the past, present, and future costs of your injury. It can also help prove that your injuries are keeping you from going to work, leading to further economic losses.

How can an Ohio personal injury attorney help me? 

An Ohio personal injury attorney can not only aid you in collecting thorough medical evidence for a personal injury claim that demonstrates all of the above, but also organizing it in a convincing and compelling manner to improve your chances of receiving your full compensation amount.

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