Verdict of Over $400,000 for Family of DUI Accident Victim

In October 2015, Ohio attorney David Bressman announced his involvement in a case where an uninsured drunk driver killed an innocent man in a DUI accident. Kim Harriman, the mother of the deceased, contacted Mr. Bressman at the end of an exhaustive search to find an attorney who would take her case.

Kim wished to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of her son, Jarred Bullion, for the benefit of his daughter, Kalyn Marie. Many personal injury attorneys in Ohio rejected her case because with an uninsured at-fault driver with little to no assets, there is often no hope for recovery.

David Bressman Takes the Case Pro Bono

Mr. Bressman took Kim’s case, knowing from the start that there would be no financial recovery even with a verdict in her favor. He offered his help pro bono because he knew that even though nothing could bring Jarred back, at least he could help the family get legal closure.

The investigations revealed that the at-fault driver, Robert Persinger Jr. was driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.18 at the time of the fatal crash. Furthermore, he was speeding at 84 miles per hour when he struck the vehicle in which Jarred was riding with some friends.

The court found Persinger guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as for the death of Jarred Bullion. Now incarcerated and without insurance, there was no way for Bressman Law or any other firm to obtain a monetary settlement for the family. Still, David Bressman persisted with the case, bringing the facts of the matter before the court.

On February 3, 2016, the jury saw the impact of the loss of Jarred to his mother and daughter and awarded the family a $415,576.25 verdict in their favor. While the family will not actually get this money, it serves as a representation of what Persinger took away from them. The amount reflects the value of Jarred’s and his family’s financial and emotional losses.

David Bressman Applauds the Bravery of Jarred’s Family

It may not make sense to some to proceed with a trial knowing there was no hope of financial recovery. However, doing so helped the family with one very important matter: closure. “The family wanted to go forward with the case so that they had their chance to confront the drunk driver and make sure he knew what he had taken away from them,” Bressman says.

“Although nothing will bring Jarred back, I hope that the verdict brings some peace to the family. I applaud Jarred’s family for having the courage to face the drunk driver and let him know what his careless act cost each of them. 

Bressman Law encourages everyone to seek help from an attorney whenever serious injuries or loss of a life is the result of an accident. Remember that you always have a right to consult with an attorney, and you should never take one, “No,” as a final answer.

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