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Accident lawyers represent you against the powerful insurance companies and those at fault. Why should you hire a personal injury attorney?  At Bressman Law, an accident attorney will work to help you get the compensation you have the right to receive. We understand that the cost of medical treatment, lost wages and personal suffering should be compensated for when another’s negligence causes these damages. You should not have to live with pain and debt because someone else was negligent.

We are the personal injury lawyers ready to work dynamically to get you the money you deserve.

One of the first things our accident attorneys need to know is what kind of accident you were involved in.

While these are the common cases accident injury lawyers see, it is not a complete list. At Bressman Law we offer a FREE no-obligation consultation with one of our accident lawyers. You have nothing to lose when you discuss your case with an accident injury lawyer. We can determine if what happened to you should be cause for a lawsuit and the general amount of damages you may be able to seek in an injury claim.

There is no such thing as “a little” negligence.

A wet spot on the floor of a store or restaurant can leave you with a spinal cord injury. A rake left on a neighborhood sidewalk can result in broken hips or irreparable knee damage. Accident lawyers have seen an endless list of situations where negligence causes the injury or death of an innocent individual.

It’s important to remember that you have a right to representation from accident attorneys, and the law is on your side. In a slip-and-fall accident the owner or occupant has a responsibility to keep property safe. For an auto accident the other driver has a duty to drive responsibly. Truck drivers are bound to the federal laws for driving schedules and vehicle maintenance.

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If you feel your injury was the result of what appears to be “simple” carelessness, you can be confident your accident injury lawyers treat it like the harmful negligence that it is, and that deserves fair compensation. From a cracked or icy sidewalk to being sideswiped in a car, a product malfunction or unsafe workplace, we work to hold someone accountable for your medical expenses, lost income and suffering or permanent disability.

Personal injury attorney in Columbus, OhioInjury in a car or other vehicle accident generally pits your accident lawyers against an insurance company. At Bressman Law we are very caring with our clients, but keep a firm hand when dealing with insurance adjusters.

Our accident lawyers know that the job of the insurance adjuster is to settle your case for as little as possible – sometimes even denying you a settlement completely! Every injury case has a right to be investigated and fully supported by accident attorneys familiar with personal injury law.

Negotiating a settlement can be quick and relatively simple if the party you are suing accepts liability. If it is an insurance company, experience tells us it will likely be a “low ball” figure that they hope you’ll take as an indication they don’t think you have much of a claim.

Unfortunately, we often see accident victims with medical bills piling up who are desperate to alleviate their debts as quickly as possible. They accept this low initial settlement, which may cover their current medical bills and losses, but nothing more. Months later, as rehabilitation continues and they are still out of work, they have new debts and no further legal recourse because they signed a settlement agreement.

Don’t let this happen to your case! An accident lawyer’s first priority should be to make sure you are fully aware of the full extent of your damages. A proper personal injury settlement should not only cover your current debts and losses, but also provide for estimated future expenses. If you will need physical therapy or life-long care for a serious injury, an accident attorney at Bressman Law can make sure that your settlement seeks compensation for those future financial needs.

Not all cases go to trial for personal injuries, but we still prepare every case as if it were going to court. We essentially argue your court case over a conference table, and once the other side knows we can present a legitimate claim, they may come up with a figure you have the right to receive. If the insurance company won’t budge on a settlement, our accident injury lawyers are ready to take them to court for your rightful compensation.

If we go to trial, the likelihood of a settlement is still there. The other side may want to see your accident lawyers present your case, and they will want to try to assess how the judge or jury is responding. When we take cases to trial, we do so after acquiring the record of evidence necessary to give the full details of the accident and your injuries.

Evidence is the key to winning a personal injury lawsuit, and an accident lawyer can help collect available documentation for your case. We help our clients reduce the risk of an inadequately prepared case by exploring every detail of your case and obtaining the documentation and evidence necessary to prove the other party’s negligence caused your injury or the death of your loved one.

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Before you talk to an insurance company or adjuster about your accident, contact an accident lawyer at Bressman Law. A good way to lose your shot at a fair settlement is to rush into talking to the insurance company and accepting a quick settlement offer.

We want the residents of Columbus and the surrounding areas to know that dedicated accident attorneys are available in their own backyard.

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