Car Accident Lawyer in Westerville

In 2013, there were 269,082 highway crashes in Ohio, reports the Ohio Department of Public Safety. More than 69,000 of these crashes caused injury, and 990 people died. When someone is in a crash another party caused or contributed to, the victim (or his or her family member if the injuries were fatal) can file a claim to pursue financial compensation for their losses.

David Bressman helps accident victims in Westerville recover the damages they suffered because of their wreck. Set up a consultation to discuss your options for recovery – 866-777-6680.

Do you need a car accident attorney?

Not all car accidents require an attorney. If the damages were all property-related, if your injuries were very minor and if fault is not in dispute, you may be able to file a claim with either your or the other person’s insurance company and handle it on your own.

However, if any of the following is true, get a lawyer’s advice before proceeding with a claim. 

  • Your injuries are severe, complex and/or difficult to prove.
  • Your injuries are substantial and you are so involved with recuperating that you are unable or unwilling to give your full attention to a claim.
  • Your injuries rendered you disabled or affected your ability to work in the future as you did prior to the accident.
  • You’re suffering from considerable emotional damages in addition to your physical injuries.
  • Fault is in dispute, e.g., the other party is pinning the blame on you, and you blame him or her.
  • The insurance company is offering you a settlement you suspect is far lower than what the claim is worth.
  • The insurance company tries to get you to settle your claim before you know the full extent of the injuries.

If any of these conditions apply to your case, see an attorney for help. If you are looking for legal counsel in the Westerville area, call Bressman Law for a free consultation at your convenience. If your injuries are such that you’re unable to visit the office, we can arrange a phone meeting or come to you, if need be.

Can you afford an attorney?

Many victims are concerned they may not be able to afford an attorney’s services after a car accident. This issue is easily remedied with a contingency payment plan. When attorneys take a case on a contingency basis, this means that they will not charge you anything up front; they will only take a fee if and when they secure a settlement for you.

In other words, when you hire an attorney to help with your case, you have nothing to lose. You will have no out-of-pocket expenses. When you choose a firm to represent you for a car accident claim, ask if the attorneys work on a contingency basis. If you are in need of a lawyer in Westerville, know that David Bressman offers his services on a contingency basis. To learn more, call us anytime at 866-777-6680.

An Attorney Can Maximize Your Settlement

Lawyers like David Bressman who are well-versed in injury claims will make sure to document and detail the full extent of your damages so that nothing gets overlooked. They won’t let the insurance company try to pull the wool over your eyes and will use the power of negotiation to pursue your best interests. And if push comes to shove, an attorney can take it up in court so you have the opportunity to take advantage of fair and full compensation for your damages.

For a free consultation with a car accident attorney in Westerville, contact Bressman Law today at 866-777-6680.