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Columbus has numerous transportation services, both public and private. When a public transportation accident occurs, it can cause significant damage and injuries given the size of the vehicles and the plentiful passenger load.

The causes of these accidents are numerous, from bus driver error to poor road conditions, from faulty vehicle components to belligerent passengers. When someone suffers an injury that another person or business caused or contributed to, it’s within the victim’s legal right to hire an attorney, file a claim and pursue financial compensation for losses.

Determining Liability for Public Transportation Accidents

Public transportation accident in Columbus, OhioDetermining which party is legally liable for a transportation accident depends upon a number of factors, including whether the city or a private party runs the service and whether the cause of the accident was negligence-related.

Transportation services (public and private) have a duty of care to passengers. They must employ qualified drivers, keep their vehicles in good working order, and take all reasonable and necessary precautions to provide safe transportation to their passengers. Should they fail to do that, they can be liable for the damages that occur as a result of their breach of duty.

We Can Help with Any Type of Transportation Accidents

We can help with any type of transit accident, including those that involve: 

  • COTA buses;
  • airport shuttle buses;
  • school buses;
  • college campus buses;
  • inter-city buses (e.g., Greyhound);
  • taxis; and
  • tour buses, among other modes of transportation. 

Sometimes the most severely injured parties are not the passengers of the bus, but rather pedestrians, cyclists and occupants of other cars involved in the accident. These parties may seek compensation as well if they are hurt and suffer damages.

Getting Your Case Resolved Quickly and Successfully

Public transportation accidents can get rather complicated. They can involve dealing with municipalities, private businesses, manufacturers, multiple parties and insurance companies. Plus, they involve a lot of investigation, damage calculation and navigating through complex Ohio personal injury laws.

Ohio allows accident victims to file claims against local municipalities under the Political Subdivision Tort Liability Act. This provides exceptions to the government’s sovereign immunity for certain types of injury cases, including those involving negligent operation of a motor vehicle by a government employee.

Similarly, a private transportation company is liable for accidents caused by its employees and drivers. In any legal action following a traffic accident, plaintiffs must establish a duty of care, a breach of that duty (negligence), and connect injuries and damages to the negligent act. 

Working with Bressman Law in Columbus

If you or your loved one recently sustained an injury in a public transportation accident – whether it involved a public service or a private service – we may be able to assist you in obtaining a fair settlement for the full extent of your losses. Contact our team at Bressman Law today for a free consultation at (877) 538-1116.