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Contact an auto accident lawyer quickly after the wreck happens. The sooner an attorney at Bressman Law can go to work on your accident case, the sooner you will get you the money damages to which you have a right. Time is an important factor in settling an injury claim after an auto accident, so contact our law firm to get started. One of the biggest mistakes accident victims make is not contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after the crash.

 Accidents are All About Fault, They Don’t Just Happen.

There has to be at least one party at fault in a crash. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there were over 30,000 fatal crashes in the U.S. in 2010.  In Ohio alone there were 1,080 traffic fatalities. A traffic crash can happen for any number of reasons including:

  • distracted driversAuto accident attorney in Columbus, Ohio
  • road rage
  • drunk drivers
  • reckless drivers
  • traffic signal violations
  • vehicle defects

Drunk drivers alone caused 541 fatal crashes in Ohio in 2010. Examples of distracted drivers, meanwhile, include those who text while driving, talk on cell phones, eat behind the wheel, or sight-see as they drive. Aggressive driving is also a major cause of serious accidents. Drivers who neglect to follow the rules of the road and drive in a safe manner can cause serious injury in crashes.

It is not always the driver of another vehicle that causes an auto accident. An auto accident law firm may also be able to help if the vehicle itself is to blame for causing the crash. A defective braking system or faulty tires can cause a crash among even the safest drivers. If this was the case, you need an auto accident lawyer who knows how to go up against the vehicle or tire manufacturers.

Filing a lawsuit against a negligent commercial car company can be drastically different from filing one against a negligent driver. The attorneys at Bressman Law know how to deal with the corporate legal teams that protect these companies. They have a team of legal professionals on your side, and so should you!

Auto Accident Injuries

The injuries from a serious auto accident can be devastating, especially if they result in permanent disability, disfigurement or death. Our auto accident attorneys know how devastating some of these common types of injuries can be:

These injuries can be fatal or permanently damaging, costing you and your family a lifetime of complications. The Bressman Law firm is dedicated to helping Ohio families recover damages when someone else’s negligence causes them grief.

Even if your injuries do not appear to be serious at the time of an accident, you should always see a doctor for an evaluation after a serious auto accident. Some types of injuries can take days, even weeks to become apparent.

Don’t Delay Filing Your Auto Accident Injury Claim

The attorneys at Bressman Law can become your voice when dealing with the insurance companies and, if necessary, your representative in court. This can help you focus on the important things like recovery from your injuries or attending to the needs of your family. Victims who work with an auto accident lawyer may even avoid many of the common mistakes that can lead to unfair or denied settlements.

An attorney can also prove helpful when collecting evidence. Evidence is key to successfully settling your auto accident injury claim. Your own testimony about the accident is one of the first pieces of evidence our auto accident attorneys gather. We also make sure to obtain the statements of any witnesses to your accident. The sooner you relate the details of what happened the more you may be able to remember.

The statute of limitations in Ohio allows for only two years from the date of an accident for the victim to file an injury claim, so keep this in mind. This may seem like a long time, but when you are focused on recovering from a serious injury or mourning the loss of a loved one, time can pass very quickly.

It is the job of our auto accident law firm to fight to make sure you are taken care of financially both now and in the future. The loss and  damages from accidents are not only in the present, but also in the future.  Especially when the victim is a child, if an injury leaves your little one with permanent disabilities the settlement you receive should provide for their care well into the future and perhaps for life.

Insurance agents will start knocking on your door almost immediately to try settling out of court.  Even when the amount they are offering seems reasonable, call an attorney to review before signing anything.  It is the job of the insurance agents to save their company money, they don’t have your best interest in mind.

Before talking to an Insurance agent, call our Columbus Auto Accident Attorneys first!

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