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At one time or another,  a lot of people experience bone fractures and injuries. A child falls off a jungle gym or a bike. An athlete suffers from a stress fracture or a more serious broken bone after an in-game collision. Or a driver is hit from behind and is diagnosed with multiple fractures. With approximately 6 million fractures happening in the United States each year, many think broken bones are just part of life. But bones aren’t meant to be broken. They support the body and the ability to move and they protect vital organs.

Fractures Can Contribute to Serious Injuries

Car accidents are among the most common causes for broken bones, and all too often, these injuries are downplayed by insurance companies and even the person injured.
Some personal injuries that occur after an accident can be horrendous. They can affect the brain, put people in comas, leave them paralyzed, trigger chronic nerve pain, or even result in death. There can be plenty of broken bones in a serious car accident, as well, as many result in injuries such as a punctured lung or breaks that cause internal bleeding. Regardless of where the fracture is, it should always be taken seriously and thoroughly treated by a medical professional right away. From there, Bressman Law will discuss your options for standing up to the insurance company. When you are injured in an accident, your case isn’t about the injuries you didn’t sustain. It’s about the ones you did. A broken arm, clavicle, wrist, hip or ankle might not bring the local news crew to your bedside, but it doesn’t mean that these injuries don’t seriously affect your life.

An Injury That Disrupts Your Life

Broken bones from a car accident in Columbus, OhioBroken bones are painful, and having them creates an obstacle to completing everyday tasks. Some are temporarily unable to work, and those who can are often forced to do so at a reduced capacity. Those with broken bones need to be monitored throughout the healing process and will need to see medical professionals several times before the bone has healed. They may also lose strength where a limb has broken and may require physical therapy for up to eight weeks to regain normal use. Some more serious fractures never heal completely with traditional treatment.

Auto accidents are among the most common causes of broken bones, which may result from the impact of the collision as well as the safety equipment in the vehicle. The cause of many shoulder, rib and hip fractures can be traced back to the seatbelt, and an airbag deploying can cause bones to break in the spine. Some breaks, such as those in your ribs, clavicle or sternum, come with additional complications, such as a punctured lung or internal bleeding.

When it comes to injuries sustained from an accident, every injury matters — including broken bones. Bressman Law helps those with car-accident-related broken bones gain compensation for:

  • Initial and future medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Psychological damage
  • Pain and suffering

To get relief from broken bones in a serious car accident, contact David Bressman to  schedule a consultation to discuss how to get the compensation you deserve.