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Are you experiencing debilitating neck pain that you believe is connected with a recent car accident? Have you received a diagnosis of whiplash after being involved in a serious rear-end collision? Compensation may be available to help offset your medical costs.

You may wonder if you have the grounds for taking legal action or if it’s even worth it to file an injury claim or lawsuit for whiplash. We can discuss these issues – and many more – during your free initial consultation. There’s no obligation to hire our firm, but you will learn more about what our team can do for you. Call (877) 538-1116 or complete our contact form.

Know Your Options for Financial Recovery

Whiplash from a car accident in Columbus, OhioWhile some people make light of whiplash, these neck injuries can be quite painful and even debilitating. Some victims experience pain that lasts for months or even years after a car accident. Strong prescription painkillers may be necessary to treat symptoms. This, in turn, can make it difficult for a victim to continue working or engaging in other daily activities. Extreme cases may require cervical spine surgery.

Whiplash is most commonly experienced in rear-end collisions, when the victim’s car is struck from behind. Rear-end crashes are usually a clear-cut example of driver negligence — the rear car typically is found liable for failing to keep a safe driving distance or tailgating. This may factor into proving negligence and financial liability in your car accident claim.

Our team can assess your case to determine if your injuries and financial losses warrant taking legal action against the other driver, whether your injuries occurred in a low-speed crash in the Arena District or you were struck at high speeds on I-70 during rush hour. We also can evaluate the facts to identify if negligence occurred and who is liable for your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

We Will Lead You through the Process of Seeking Financial Justice

Ohio’s injury laws give you just two years in which to take legal action after a car accident. You may have even less time if the accident involved a government-owned vehicle, like a police car, U.S. Postal Service truck, or parks and recreation van. We suggest contacting our office as soon as possible to speak with a lawyer about your injuries.

In order to secure compensation, you must prove the severity of your injuries. You should seek prompt medical attention after an accident and continue with any recommended follow-up care. Your medical records are an important part of building your case and will help us estimate the value of your claim.

Ohio practices what is known as modified comparative negligence that allows those partially at fault for an accident to recover some damages, though compensation is reduced by the individual’s percentage of fault. In order to collect damages in a claim, you must prove you were less than 51 percent responsible for your accident. Our team will collect evidence, witness testimony and other facts in efforts to prove the other driver caused your crash.

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