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Did you recently suffer a dog bite injury? Dog bite laws protect a victim’s right to hold the dog’s owner financially accountable for the attack and injuries.

An attorney from Bressman Law can help you pursue fair compensation to address injury-related costs, like medical bills and lost wages. Call (877) 538-1116 to learn more about what Attorney David Bressman can do for you. There is never a bad time to call – we focus exclusively on injury victims’ rights, and our practice is dedicated solely to your needs.

Protecting Your Rights as a Dog Bite Victim

Ohio’s Dangerous and Vicious Dog laws hold owners responsible for a dog that causes serious injury or death to another person.

The law’s definition of serious injury includes:

  • potentially fatal injuries;
  • injuries that result in temporary or permanent incapacity;
  • permanent disfigurement;
  • temporary serious disfigurement; and
  • painful injuries (including those that continue for a duration or those that result in serious short-term pain).

Dog bite injuries put a victim at great risk for serious or even fatal infection. Even a seemingly “minor” wound can lead to severe medical complications. Be wary of anyone – including the dog’s owner or an insurance adjuster – who attempts to downplay your injuries.

Our legal team will work with you to prove the severity of your dog bite injuries. This may include talking to your doctors, witnesses and expert medical consultants.

Recovering Compensation after a Dog Bite Attack

Ohio dog bite laws dictate a dog’s owner (or handler, etc.) is legally and financially responsible for attacks and injuries. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

If a dog’s owner can prove the attack occurred while the victim was trespassing or unlawfully on the dog owner’s property, the victim may lose his or her rights to recovery. A negligent dog owner may use this exception as a defense tactic. An attorney will work to protect the victim against assuming any contributory negligence or liability in a claim.

Ohio’s laws also call for owners of vicious dogs (dogs that have seriously injured or killed a person) to carry special liability insurance in the case of an attack. An injury lawyer can help determine all viable avenues for financial recovery, including homeowner’s insurance, liability insurance and other resources.

Compensation may be available to address:

  • emergency medical care;
  • ongoing medical treatment;
  • surgery to correct scarring and other disfigurement;
  • lost wages; and
  • pain and suffering.

Attorney David Bressman can offer a more detailed assessment of your potential claim based on the facts of your case.

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