Car Accident Head Injury Lawyer in Columbus

Have you recently suffered a life-altering head injury sustained in a motor vehicle crash? Auto accident attorney David Bressman and his team have helped numerous head injury victims in the greater Columbus area. Our team is focused on seeking compensation to address the short- and long-term effects of a brain injury. This can mean ongoing medical costs and lost wages, among many other considerations.

Our team can talk to you about your rights to fair and sufficient financial recovery in the wake of an auto accident. Protect yourself – talk to a lawyer before giving any written or verbal statements to an insurance adjuster or representative. Bressman Law is focused on protecting your rights. Call (877) 538-1116 to learn more.

Taking a Comprehensive Look at Your Losses and Expenses

At Bressman Law, we recognize that a head injury – such as a traumatic brain injury – can have far-reaching consequences on a victim’s life. It isn’t just enough for an injury claim to address past medical and hospital bills. A comprehensive claim will take a number of factors into account, including:

  • emergency response expenses (cost of ambulatory and emergency room care);
  • hospitalization costs, including time spent in an intensive care unit;
  • diagnostics (CT scans or other tests to determine extent of the injury);
  • therapy (physical, cognitive, occupational, etc.);
  • lost wages;
  • loss of future income (in the case of a disabling injury);Head injury accident in Columbus, Ohio
  • medications to treat ongoing injuries and side effects; and
  • costs of hiring residential care or housekeeping, etc.

You also may be eligible for pain and suffering damages stemming from the auto accident. Attorney David Bressman may work with a team of financial and medical experts to calculate the past and future costs of your brain injury. You may discuss these costs during your initial consultation. Our team can provide a more accurate estimation of your claim’s worth based on the exact nature of your case.

You Have the Power to Protect Your Rights to Recovery

Hiring an injury attorney is an important first step in protecting your right to recovery in a car accident claim. Our team can guide you through the entire process from start to finish, offering personalized advice on how to talk to the insurance companies and how to keep from damaging your claim. In addition, we can handle all communications and negotiations with the negligent party’s insurer. This allows you to focus on your own well-being and lessen the chances you’ll say something that inadvertently harms your case.

Worried About Your Future Financial Well-being? Get Help Now!

Serious head injuries can mean a lifetime of financial strain for you and your family. Attorney David Bressman understands the short- and long-term implications of a serious auto accident and resultant brain injury. Our team will work with you to calculate a fair and adequate claim for recovery. Call our offices at (877) 538-1116 to schedule a free consultation, or complete this confidential online form. There is no cost to you unless we successfully recover monetary compensation on your behalf.