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If you suffered injuries in a rear-end vehicle collision, a lawyer can help you win damages. In the vast majority of cases, the driver of the back vehicle is at fault in a rear-end collision. But there are exceptions to this rule, and a skilled attorney can evaluate the details of your accident and advise you of your rights.
At Bressman Law, we have helped many car accident victims win compensation for their damages. Rear-end collisions can cause devastating injuries to the head, neck, spine, and other areas. Your focus should be on healing, not fighting with the other driver or the insurance company over compensation. That is our job and we have a track record of doing it aggressively and relentlessly.
Once you sit down with our attorneys, we quickly gather the details of your case and identify all parties that might share liability for your injuries. Then, through the use of our extensive investigative resources, we gather all the evidence we need to build a strong case against the responsible parties and pursue them for damages. We handle everything from beginning to end so you can focus on your health and your family. We offer a free, no-risk consultation to determine if our services are right for you. Call 877-538-1116 today to speak to one of our rear-end collision accident and injury lawyers in Columbus.

What causes rear-end vehicle collisions?

The circumstances of your rear-end vehicle collision can shed light on who might bear responsibility. That is why our attorneys investigate the details of your crash from all angles and consider every potential contributing factor. There might be more than one at-fault party. If you share fault in the accident, we can still pursue other parties for some of the damages.
Some of the most common causes of rear-end collisions are as follows.
Distracted driving: A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that a staggering 87 percent of rear-end collisions were due to one or more drivers not paying attention to the road.
Tailgating or following too closely: When a driver keeps too little distance while following the vehicle in front of them, it gives them less time to stop in an unexpected situation. This increases the chance of a rear-end collision.
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Intoxicating substances make rear-end collisions more likely by slowing reflexes and interfering with reaction time.
Weather conditions: When the road is wet due to ice or snow, or when fog or dust particles reduce visibility, a rear-end collision is more likely to occur.
Improper lane changes: Perhaps you rear-ended another vehicle that abruptly changed lanes in front of you and suddenly stopped. If so, we can potentially pursue the other driver for damages even though you were driving the back vehicle.
Mechanical failure: In rare instances, faulty brakes or defective tires can cause or contribute to a rear-end collision. When this happens, we might be able to pursue the manufacturer of the vehicle or its parts for damages.

Common Injury Types from Rear-End Collisions

Serious injuries can occur from rear-end collisions, even at speeds of 30 miles per hour or below. That is why it is so important to get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after a crash. We need medical evidence to directly link any injuries that might be present to your wreck.
Common injuries from rear-end vehicle collisions include:

  • Spinal cord injuries, including whiplash;
  • Injuries to the headand face, usually from air bag deployment or striking the steering wheel or dash;
  • Soft tissue spinal injuries;
  • Bone breaksand fractures;
  • Ankle and knee injuries; and
  • Bruises and lacerations.

Keep in mind that some injuries do not present themselves right away after an accident. For instance, many head injuries can take days or even weeks to manifest. All the while, they are worsening inside you. Do not wait to seek medical attention and make sure you have documentation for everything the doctor finds.

What kinds of damages can I seek?

There are many types of damages for which you are potentially eligible following a rear-end vehicle collision. Based on the circumstances of your accident, we might pursue the responsible party or parties for any or all of the following.

Medical Bills

We seek compensation not only for your current bills but also for those we reasonably expect you to incur in the future. If your injury is severe enough to require medical care and rehabilitation for life, we can even estimate the total cost over a lifetime and pursue the responsible party or parties for that amount.

Lost Wages and Earning Capacity

Recovering from car accident injuries often requires taking time off work. For severe injuries, you might see a long-term or even permanent reduction in your earning capacity. We go after the responsible party or parties to compensate you for your lost income and earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering

While it is difficult to put a dollar figure on your pain and suffering, the fact remains that you deserve compensation for it. We fight for the highest damages allowed under the law.

Punitive Damages

In egregious cases where the responsible party or parties engaged in a malicious act or showed a reckless disregard for your safety and well-being, we can pursue punitive damages on top of other compensation.

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Car accident cases have lots of money at stake. Unfortunately, many so-called personal injury lawyers are only looking for a quick payday and do not put in the time and effort to build the strongest case possible.
At Bressman Law, we provide you with the most professional legal services available and pursue your case aggressively and relentlessly. We do not rest until we have won you all the compensation you deserve.
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