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Construction Worker on Ground after InjuryConstruction sites are dangerous. Construction workers, tradesmen and others who work in or around construction sites are at a higher risk of injury from falls, falling items, heavy machinery, and a number of other hazards. Injured workers may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. But many do not realize they may also qualify to file a third-party liability claim if someone else’s negligence or carelessness caused their injuries, entitling them to recover further compensation for medical bills, full lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Bressman Law can help you sort out your legal options and pursue the best route to get compensation. A construction accident lawyer in Dublin, OH at our firm (which serves all communities in the Dublin area) can represent you throughout the third-party insurance claims process and can even file a lawsuit to recover your damages if the insurer refuses a fair settlement. Call us today at 877-538-1116 to schedule your free case evaluation.

What should I do after a construction accident?

By taking the proper actions after a construction accident, you can help protect your right to compensation.

  • Get medical help: First things first, your top priority must be to get the medical attention you need. Construction accidents can cause serious, permanent injuries, and getting treatment quickly is key. Getting medical treatment right away also creates a medical history that connects your injuries to your accident, which can be important when pursuing a third-party claim later.
  • Report your accident: You also need to report the injury to your supervisor. Even if your supervisor is aware of your accident, follow up later and ask how to file an incident or injury report. This is important to create a record of the accident so you can file a workers’ compensation claim later, or prove causation when filing a third-party claim.
  • Get witness information: If possible, write down the names and contact information of the people who witnessed the accident.
  • Document the scene: If you are physically able and it will not risk further injury, take pictures of any damaged equipment, materials, or other items related to the accident, as well as any tools involved in the accident.
  • Talk to a lawyer: Once you get medical attention and are healthy enough, give us a call to schedule a case evaluation, or ask a family member to contact us on your behalf. Even if you believe workers’ compensation is your only option, schedule a free analysis of your accident and injuries. We can help evaluate your options and take legal action against a third party liable for your accident.

Who is liable for a construction site accident?

Injured workers qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured in the course of employment. But if a party other than an employer or co-worker caused their injuries, they may also qualify to file a third-party claim for compensation. And with several sub-contractors present, there are a lot of third parties on construction sites. Consider these situations:

Another Contractor Caused your Injuries

Imagine you work for a supply company and were visiting a construction site to make a delivery. An employee without the proper training is operating a forklift and runs into you. The accident pins you against a wall, and you suffer severe internal injuries in addition to a broken leg.

The employee clearly acted carelessly, operating the forklift in a dangerous manner and without the proper credentials. But is the employee liable? The negligent employee’s employer would likely be vicariously liable for you injuries.

Your workers’ compensation may offer you benefits, but you may also have the option of filing a third-party liability claim. A construction accident attorney at Bressman Law would help you sort out your options. We also gather evidence to prove liability, including identifying any safety codes or statutes they violated, and build a strong case to show your losses, which may include expert testimony.

The Accident Occurred Because of a Defective Part

Ohio’s product liability laws allow you to hold the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of a defective part liable for injuries caused by the defect. Defects can include:

  • Problems with the design that cause breakage
  • Issues in the manufacturing process that weaken the part
  • Parts made of weak or inappropriate materials
  • Missing warnings or instructional labels
  • Poor directions

If you believe a defective tool, machinery, materials, or part contributed to or caused your construction accident injuries, we can identify the manufacturer or other party who is responsible and help you file your claim.

I was injured on the job. Where can I find a construction accident lawyer near me?

More worker deaths occur in construction each year than in any other industry, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Not counting on-road collisions in work vehicles, the top causes of construction deaths include:

  • Falls
  • Being hit by a falling, swinging or otherwise moving object
  • Electrocution
  • Being caught in or being caught between, leading to crush injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports these four causes lead to almost two-thirds of all deaths in the industry. They cause many more injuries.

And many of these accidents happen because of another party’s negligence – and in many cases, the negligent party is a sub-contractor or other party outside of the company for which the injured employee works. For example, an electrical contractor may leave wiring exposed, or another sub-contractor may fail to secure a safety railing.

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