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If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a construction accident, we can help you explore your legal options for compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

The legal team at Bressman Law offers personalized services to injured workers and others who suffered accidents on construction sites in or around Hilliard. We can help you identify any routes to compensation, and represent you through the claims process.

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How Can I Recover Compensation for My Hilliard Construction Accident Injuries?

Your legal options after a Central Ohio construction accident vary widely depending on your role at the time of the injury, who caused the accident, and your relationship to the liable party. Consider the legal options for compensation based on each of these situations:

Your Injury Occurred Because of Your Own or A Coworker’s or Employer’s Negligence

If your own negligence or that of a coworker/your employer caused your accident and injuries, workers’ compensation may be your only option for compensation. This is because workers’ compensation laws prohibit workers from filing claims against their employers for negligence.

This option is usually the most straightforward route for those with minor or moderate injuries, but it can be difficult and may not provide enough compensation for catastrophic injuries. We can help you understand if you have other options, or even look into your qualifications for disability benefits if necessary.

Another Contracting Company Working on The Site Caused Your Injuries

Construction sites often require that a number of contracting companies and their employees work in close proximity. This can sometimes lead to one contractor being liable for injuries suffered by a worker employed by another contractor. While you still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in this case, you may also have other options for compensation.

In these cases, you may be able to file a third-party claim with the liable contractor’s business liability insurance. This allows you to collect additional damages, including ongoing care costs and pain and suffering damages. We can help you determine if this is an option for you, gather evidence to support your case, and file your claim or civil suit for you.

A Defective Product or Part Caused Your Injury

Sometimes, defective products cause construction accident injuries. When tools or heavy machinery breaks and causes an accident, a product defect is often the reason. Defects may include:

  • Poor design
  • Manufacturing issues
  • Weak parts
  • Missing warnings
  • Poor or missing instructions

Under Ohio’s product liability laws, you can file a claim for compensation against the manufacturer of a defective product. If you believe a defective product or part caused your construction accident injuries, we can help you understand your legal options and hold the liable parties responsible.

You Were a Passersby

Construction workers are not the only ones who suffer injuries in construction accidents. If you were a pedestrian or driver injured in a construction accident, you can file against whoever caused your accident.

What Should I Do After a Hilliard Construction Accident?

It is paramount that you take the right steps after a Hilliard construction site accident to protect your right to collect workers’ compensation or pursue legal action. If you suffer injuries, you should:

Get Medical Attention

Your top priority should always be your own health and safety, so getting the medical care you need is key. This is especially true because construction accidents often lead to permanent impairments. If you did not receive medical care at the scene, be sure to schedule an appointment or visit the emergency room as soon as possible.

Report Your Injury

If you are working on the construction site at the time of your injury, you need to report it to your immediate manager, a human resources representative, or the construction site manager as soon as possible. Keep a copy of the report for your own files.

Collect Evidence

The longer you wait to make notes about your accident, the more details you will lose. This is why it is important to sit down and write out your version of events as soon as possible. Consider the cause of your accident, and note any missing fall protection equipment, exposed electrical wiring, or problems with other contractors on the site. Do not forget to include the names and contact information of anyone who witnessed your accident.

Call A Knowledgeable Construction Accident Lawyer

After you get the emergency care you need and your condition stabilizes, it is time to enlist the help of a construction accident lawyer. When you call us, we can provide a free review of your situation and outline your legal options for compensation. Attorney David Bressman is here to help you understand and navigate the claims process, no matter what that will look like for you.

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