Columbus Product Liability Lawyer

Have you recently suffered serious injury because of a defective product? Was your loved one injured or killed because of a manufacturer’s carelessness or negligence? Are you worried about how you’ll pay medical bills and cover your lost wages while you recover from an injury?

You may be eligible to file a product liability claim to pursue money for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other injury-related damages. Attorney David Bressman has helped numerous victims like you collect settlements that fairly address their damages.

Ohio injury laws limit the time in which you can take action against a negligent company or manufacturer. You may have as little as two years to act after a serious injury or accident. Contact our offices today to learn more about your rights and options for financial recovery. Call (877) 538-1116 or use our contact form to schedule a free initial case evaluation. You pay nothing unless we recover monetary damages for you.

Are you confused about your rights?

Filing a product liability claim can be an overwhelming prospect for an injured victim or his or her family. Going up against a corporation requires legal know-how and resources, whether your injury was caused by a defective automotive part or an incorrectly labeled over-the-counter medication.

Right now, you may be wondering about such matters as:

  • how to pay doctor and hospital bills while your case is being investigated and negotiated;
  • whether you can hold a tire manufacturer responsible for the rollover accident that caused your injuries;
  • whether you can hold a toy manufacturer liable for using lead paint and causing your child’s illness;
  • who can be held liable in a product liability claim, such as the manufacturer, marketer, designer and retailer;
  • the evidence you must present in order to prove negligence and liability;
  • how to respond to letters or other inquiries from the company’s insurance company;
  • compensation available in cases where a product has caused your loved one’s death; and
  • how long it usually takes to recover money in a product liability claim.


During your free initial case evaluation, we can discuss the basics of your accident and whether you have the grounds to take legal action. As your case progresses, we will seek to answer all of your questions about your rights and obligations promptly.

We Handle the Legal Work So You Can Focus on Recovery

A successful product liability claim requires substantial legwork on the plaintiff’s part. The burden is on you to prove the product was defective, that it caused injury and that the manufacturer is liable for your injuries. Attorney David Bressman can ease this burden by handling all legal aspects of the case, such as collecting evidence, conducting investigations and facilitating communications with the insurance company.

Having an attorney on your side allows you or your injured loved one to focus on recovery. Contact our office today to learn how we can help you during this difficult time. Call (877) 538-1116.

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