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When a defective product, equipment or manufactured component injures someone, that person might be able to file a product liability claim in order to recover damages.

It happens a lot more often than you might think. According to Santa Clara University, 34 million people suffer injuries in product-related accidents, some of which prove fatal. For comparison purposes, the number of people younger than age 36 killed by product-related accidents outnumbers those who succumb to cancer or heart disease among this age group.

Tens of thousands of these victims file product liability claims each year, and many of them wind up receiving a settlement for their losses. If you or your loved one suffered injuries because of some type of product that you believe was defective or poorly designed, contact our product liability team at Bressman Law for help – just call 866-777-6680.

Types of Product Liability Claims

Essentially, any type of defective object, substance, mixture or raw material that meets one of the following criteria is considered by Ohio law under O.R.C. 2307.71(A)(12)(a) as a possible product named in a liability claim. 

  • “It is capable of delivery itself, or as an assembled whole in a mixed or combined state, or as a component or ingredient.
  • It is produced, manufactured, or supplied for introduction into trade or commerce.
  • It is intended for sale or lease to persons for commercial or personal use.”

A product can become defective or contaminated at any stage of development, including the design phase, manufacturing or transport. Also, in some cases, it’s not necessarily the product that’s defective, but rather, the manufacturer made mistakes with the instructions or failed to provide adequate safety warnings. Below are a few examples of types of claims that fall under product liability. 

  • Defective vehicles, tires, brakes and other automotive components
  • Defective and dangerous toys
  • Dangerous drugs and defective medical devices
  • Elevator and escalator defects
  • Defective electronics
  • Equipment and machinery failure
  • Faulty industrial equipment and tools
  • Hazardous consumer products
  • Defective car seats, strollers, cribs and other children’s products
  • Unsafe agricultural equipment
  • Defective firearms 

Who can you hold responsible for your injuries?

Anyone along the supply chain is a potential defendant in a product liability case. This can include the following. 

  • Engineers and designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketing companies
  • Packaging and transport companies
  • Suppliers and retailers

Determining liability can be very tricky with product liability cases. Have an attorney examine your case to determine which party (or parties) might be the named as defendants in your case.

Reasons to Hire a Product Liability Attorney

Product liability cases are not always cut and dried, and they are not easily won. There are elements of proof that must be present; you’ll need to produce adequate evidence; and you’ll need to abide by certain legal timelines. You’ll also have to be familiar with the claims process and courtroom procedure and be able to fight against the company’s legal team. And you’ll need to do all of this in the wake of your injury, while you’re still recovering. It can be quite overwhelming.

Hiring a product liability attorney who represents victims in these types of cases can be beneficial for reaching a successful resolution. An attorney has the training and experience to handle all the legal duties, explain the legal processes, and fight for your best interests while you focus on healing.

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