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If you are injured in Westerville, Ohio and need a personal injury lawyer, our firm can help you navigate Ohio law and court procedures. An injury attorney can work to help get you compensation for damages if you are hurt by someone else’s negligent actions. Don’t delay contacting us; injury lawyers are most helpful when they can get involved in your case from the start.

Car accident lawyer for every type of case, Ohio law differs depending on the circumstances. You may have to initiate your lawsuit within two years of the injury and in some cases you have only a year. Bressman Law will work quickly to put your case into motion and the sooner you bring us your complaint the faster we start fighting on your behalf.

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You may be disputing the amount of money an insurance company is offering you (they may be offering nothing at all). Insurance companies may even find an argument to convince you that you are at fault. They may also try to intimidate you into accepting a low.

If you feel you have been denied what you are entitled to, a Westerville, Ohio personal injury lawyer from our law firm acts on your behalf. You need a compassionate personal injury attorney on your side, and concern for you is a hallmark of our firm.

You have rights. We fight for them.

Our personal injury lawyers respect the fact that you are carefully searching Ohio for an attorney, and appreciate that you are considering our firm. Even if you don’t choose our firm, please make an appointment as soon after the injury as you can. When the details are still top-of-mind, you help your case. If you wait too long, you may not remember key details that can make the difference in the size of the money damages you collect. As you seek consultation in Westerville, Ohio with a personal injury attorney, you can be confident we know which information is critical to determining your case and the size of the settlement to demand.

What is a personal injury case?

Our lawyers focus on cases in which a victim was injured or killed in an accident due to another’s negligence. There are many types of personal injury cases that may result from any number of accidents. The key to knowing whether you have a valid case is negligence.

At Bressman Law we offer a FREE no-obligation consultation to injured parties or the families of deceased victims. During your consultation you will discuss the facts of the accident and determine whether or not another party was to blame.

If it is determined that there was at least one other party involved in the Ohio accident, your personal injury attorney will help explain the options you have to seek recovery of damages. The losses from a serious accident can be devastating, but insurance companies rarely show any compassion toward victims. This is why you need a dedicated legal team on your side.

 Do you need a personal injury attorney?

If you suffered only minor injuries or property damage, you may not require legal counsel to get the compensation you need and deserve. But if your injuries were severe or if your family member suffered fatal injuries, you may benefit from hiring a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need. Severe and fatal injury cases often cause thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Victims of these accidents may face medical bills, lost earning potential, permanent disability, and physical or emotional pain and suffering.

Bressman Law represents victims of accidents and their families, helping them negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement. We may even take the case to court if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement. We help victims of the following accidents:

  • automobile accidents
  • wrongful death
  • medical mistakes
  • professional negligence
  • accidents at work
  • construction injuries to passersby
  • dog bites or other animal bites

Accident victims and their families have enough to deal with after a serious injury. We do whatever we can to relieve the burden by taking over correspondence with the insurance company and negotiating for a fair settlement.

Your Ohio Personal Injury Attorney Works on Your Behalf

Dealing with the insurance companies after a serious accident can be difficult when also dealing with finances and emotional trauma. After a serious accident your personal life may be in chaos, and the last thing you need to worry about is how to pay medical bills.  One of the greatest benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Westerville, Ohio is that he or she can work on your behalf.

You have chosen a Westerville, Ohio personal injury attorney who charges nothing unless we get you a settlement.
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