Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Not all injury cases in Columbus, Ohio require a personal injury lawyer. For accidents that result in minor injuries or only property damage, an injury lawyer is typically not necessary to recover a settlement.

However, when the injuries are severe or fatal and you are faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and the potential for long-term or permanent disability, we are here to help. In Columbus, Ohio, a personal injury attorney from Bressman Law can be your advocate against the insurance companies.

There are many reasons you may need Ohio personal injury lawyers. Some of the common accidents that can result in serious damages include:

  • vehicle wrecks
  • wrongful death
  • professional negligence
  • injuries in the workplace
  • construction injuries to passersby
  • animal and dog bites

These types of accidents may lead to catastrophic injuries or could result in death. At Bressman Law in Ohio, a personal injury lawyer can help the families of victims of a wrongful death case. These situations are devastating to the surviving spouse and family, which is why we strive to take the burden off of families and victims seeking a fair settlement.

Your Ohio Personal Injury Attorney Works on Your Behalf

Dealing with the insurance companies after a serious accident can be difficult when also dealing with finances and emotional trauma. After a serious accident your personal life may be in chaos, and the last thing you need to worry about is how to pay medical bills.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Columbus, Ohio is that he or she can work on your behalf. At Bressman Law, one of our goals is to alleviate the stress and frustration that comes with dealing with the insurance adjusters. Negotiating a fair settlement for your damages is never easy, but it is not a task you must complete alone.

You have the right to work with an attorney from start to finish of your personal injury claim.

An accident attorney knows that insurance companies are in the business to make money, not give it away. Don’t go into the settlement negotiation process alone.

A Columbus accident injury lawyer can be your ally against the insurance adjusters.

Negotiations generally occur at three different times:

  1. when your attorney begins the claim process
  2. as your lawyer develops evidence for your claim
  3. toward the end of the claim when presenting your case to the insurance company or in court.

Many times, we negotiate at the start. This will likely occur in a case in which you hired your lawyer because an insurance company refused to pay anything or offered a low-ball figure. We present the case for compensation as plainly and accurately as possible to show the adjuster that you are entitled to more than is being offered.

The middle or “discovery” phase is when each side trades information, which is required by law. Once they see the facts that our firm has gathered, it can move them to the settlement table. We don’t go any easier on them in the middle of the process.

Their attorneys may wait until your attorney goes at them in the courtroom. We prepare every case for trial, even if we feel a settlement may be reached before that stage. If we do end up in a Columbus, Ohio court, your personal injury lawyer will take control and negotiate the settlement you deserve.

At Bressman Law our accident attorneys serve clients in Columbus, Ohio as well as Upper Arlington, Dublin, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Gahanna, Westerville, Worthington, Hilliard, and throughout the State of Ohio.