6 Common Serious Injuries that Result from Truck Accidents

In 2011, approximately 88,000 people were injured in accidents involving large trucks, and another 3,757 people were killed in fatal truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The sheer size of trucks and the relative difficulty in maneuvering and stopping them means that any accident involving a large truck can cause catastrophic, if not fatal, injuries.

Trucking Accidents Cause Massive Injuries

Trucks weigh significantly more than a regular passenger car and take much longer to come to a stop. A massive tractor-trailer weighing 40 tons that collides with or overturns passenger cars can cause instant devastation and carnage.

Six serious injuries caused by truck accidents include: 

  • crushed and fractured bones;
  • puncture wounds, lacerations and burns;
  • head trauma and traumatic brain injuries;
  • spinal fractures and spinal cord injuries;
  • internal organ damage; and
  • amputations.

Damages Continue to Amass 

Serious, catastrophic injuries such as these completely alter a person’s life physically, emotionally and financially. When victims sustain serious injuries in a truck accident, the damages keep amassing, sometimes years into the future.

Many of these injuries require extensive, expensive, long-term care. Some victims must contend with a lifetime of disability and continued health complications. They also might be in need of psychological and mental health treatments and counseling to deal with the trauma of their accident.

Victims have to deal with exorbitant, mounting medical bills and loss of income, given their infirmary and inability to continue working. Short- or long-term disability can devastate a family financially, particularly if the victim was the primary breadwinner.

Determining Ways to Recover Damages 

Long-term care, lost wages and hiring help to take over the victim’s household responsibilities can rack up millions of dollars in expenses. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the emotional and psychological impact of a serious accident, not only for the victim, but also his or her family.

This is why it’s vitally important for truck accident victims to look into their legal options and determine ways they may be able to recover financial compensation for their damages. If negligence caused the accident, victims might be able to file a claim against the trucking company for restitution.

All the above damages are compensable in a personal injury claim, provided the victim can verify his or her losses and prove the truck driver, trucking company – or some other party – was legally liable for the damages.

Truck Accident Victims Can Receive a Free Legal Consultation in Columbus

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