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Do you want a FREE personal injury book? Bressman Law is offering the free accident case book every Ohio injury victim needs to read before pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Before talking to the insurance adjuster, hiring an attorney or signing any forms, you need to read this free accident information guide.

When you request our free personal injury book there’s no obligation. You’ll get a free accident information guide with the answers and resources you need after a serious accident. All you have to do is fill out the contact form below or call (866) 405-7414 and leave your information.

Free Accident Case Book – “Auto Collisions: Knowledge is Power” Guide
Attorney David Bressman wrote this free accident information guide for Ohio residents who have suffered serious injury or the loss of a loved one due to an accident. Auto accidents happen every day, and when they occur due to the negligence of another driver it can be difficult to prove who is at fault for your damages.

In this free personal injury book David Bressman explains the basics of personal injury and wrongful death claims. His free accident case book has helped numerous clients determine if they have a legal case against another driver and how to go about finding help in reaching a settlement.

Some of the valuable information contained in this free accident information guide includes:

  • Types of auto accidents which may result in an injury claim
  • Common injuries deserving of compensation
  • The Ohio negligence laws and statute of limitations
  • Car insurance basics and the Ohio insurance laws
  • The auto accident claim process
  • Dealing with auto insurance companies
  • Fair settlements for auto accidents
  • When to seek legal help for your auto accident case

Before you talk to the insurance company or hire an attorney, this is the free personal injury book to read! While the book focuses specifically on auto accidents, our free accident case book also provides a great general overview of the personal injury claims process.

If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident or other act of negligence, the information in our guide can also help your case. At Bressman Law we strive to help all Ohio accident victims in any way we can. Our initial idea was to offer the free personal injury book, but soon we realized there was more we could do to help victims improve their accident claim.

Order The Full Bressman Law Crash Kit

When you order the free accident case book, you’ll get much more than just a free accident information guide. You’ll also receive David Bressman’s copyrighted Pain Diary, a simple way to help preserve your accident claim. You are your own best source of evidence in your personal injury claim, and the Pain Diary is a useful tool to help you keep record of this evidence.

The human memory is prone to losing accuracy as time goes on – your best time to record the details of your accident and injuries is while it is still fresh in your mind. For certain injuries like nerve damage and whiplash where chronic pain is an issue, the Pain Diary can help you keep track of how severe the pain is and how it impacts your life.

When negotiating an injury claim settlement one of the best ways to obtain full compensation for your pain and suffering is to record evidence of how your injuries impact your daily life. The Pain Diary included with our free accident case book is an easy way to create these records that can later be used by your attorney during settlement negotiations.

Aside from our free personal injury book and Pain Diary, Bressman Law is also including a crash kit for use in documenting any wreck. Through years of experience in the personal injury field, the attorneys at Bressman Law have learned that successful auto accident cases begin with solid evidence. Collecting and preserving this evidence is critical to winning a fair settlement for your damages, and our crash kit can help explain how to gather the basic evidence:
vehicle damage estimates;
medical records;
police reports; and
witness statements.

When you read our free accident information guide, keep record of your health with our Pain Diary, and use our crash kit, you can reduce the stress of pursuing a personal injury claim.

Why do you need our free personal injury book?

Because you:
have been injured in a serious accident;
have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence;
need to know your rights as a victim of negligence;
have a right to seek compensation for your damages; and
want to level the playing field against the insurance companies.

At Bressman Law we find that the clients who win the biggest settlements are often the ones that are the most informed about their case before they come to us. Many of our clients have come to us well prepared because they ordered our free personal injury book and learned about their case before hiring an attorney.

When you take the time to educate yourself through our free accident information guide you’re investing in your settlement. Many accident victims make the mistake of dealing directly with the insurance companies where they’re at a disadvantage. The companies have years of experience dealing with claims – the average accident victim does not.

Through our free accident case book you’ll learn about the insurance claim system and how car insurance companies work to get you to accept low-ball settlements – if they offer to settle at all. From the moment your accident occurs the insurance company is looking for ways to deny you a fair settlement. Our free accident information guide is here to help protect you from these unfair tactics.

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain From our Free Personal Injury Book
Ordering our free personal injury book and crash kit is a no-obligation request. We will not sell your information to other parties and you’ll get your information quickly so you can begin learning about your rights and options for compensation.

By ordering this free accident case book you’re getting detailed information about the personal injury and accident lawsuit system from a personal injury attorney, David Bressman. The best part is, it’s free and no-obligation – ordering our free accident information guide does not make us your lawyer!

At Bressman Law we developed the free accident information guide and crash kit to help guide accident victims to the right decisions. We want our clients, and even clients who go to other law firms, to be informed of their rights after another’s negligence has done them harm. Too often have we seen victims being taken advantage of by the insurance companies, and through our free personal injury book we hope to reduce the occurrence of this situation.

Insurance companies are quick to offer low settlements, if they settle at all, so they can keep the money in their own pockets. It’s no secret the insurance companies are in business to make money, not pay out settlements. Therefore, they do whatever they can to dissuade claimants from fighting for the full settlement value to which they may be entitled.

Even if you do not hire our firm, it is our hope that our free accident injury guide will help you make more informed decisions in pursuing an injury claim. Some accident cases can settle without the help of an attorney, and we provide our free accident information guide to help victims make the decision to settle on their own. you have not been involved in an accident but would like the information, the cost is only $19.95.

Time is of the essence when filing a personal injury claim after a serious accident. You’ll want to order our free personal injury book and crash kit immediately. Remember there’s no obligation to hire our firm or any other personal injury attorney after reading our free accident case book.

The goal at Bressman Law is to get our free accident information guide to all Ohio victims so they are aware of their rights. Too often do we see victims taken advantage of or ignored by insurance companies – we want to see justice served. Order your free personal injury book today and increase your chances at a fair settlement.

Use our online order form below for quick processing of your request for our free accident case book. Or call 866-777-6680 to place your order for a free accident information guide by phone or schedule a free consultation with our office. Don’t let another day go by and delay your case – order our free personal injury book and get the information you need to feel confident in pursuing a settlement.

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