Types of Cases

If you or someone you love has sustained any of these types of injuries during an accident caused by negligence,  contact the personal injury case the team at Bressman Law to find out how you can gain compensation.

At Bressman Law, our attorneys focus on our clients first. Our goal is to inform and assist our clients in any way possible when they are faced with complex legal matters.

A Philosophy of Caring and Helping

Attorney David Bressman started Bressman Law with a core philosophy of caring for clients and helping them obtain fair and reasonable compensation for the pain, suffering and emotional damages suffered in serious accidents. Clients receive personal service which includes:

  • home meetings
  • timely returning of phone calls
  • receiving copies of important documents
  • frequent claim updates
  • the provision of timely and accurate information
  • a sincere concern that they recover from their injuries in as timely and efficient a manner as possible

Having said all that, Bressman Law is here to ensure justice for you and your loved ones.

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We help clients in and around Columbus and Dublin.  If you are injured and can’t come to us, we will come to you. Contact us today.