12 Ways to Get Home Safe on New Year’s Eve in Columbus

In the two days of the 2015/2016 New Year’s holiday, there were 1,086 motor vehicle crashes in Ohio, reports the Ohio Department for Public Safety. Half of the deaths in those crashes were alcohol-related. Going out is great fun, but while you are planning, make sure that you read these 12 tips to get home safe on New Year’s Eve in Columbus:

Plan Ahead: 

  1. Plan to stay overnight at the hotel or house where party will be. If you are planning on staying overnight at a hotel, make your reservations at least a few weeks ahead, as many hotels will have no vacancies on New Year’s Eve night.
  2. Well in advance of the evening, arrange for one of the people in your group to be the designated driver. No one wants to volunteer? Certain companies, such as Dryver, will be your designated driver for the night. Split the cost between you.
  3. Download an app for a ride service. Columbus is fortunate to have both Uber and Lyft. Download the apps and set up your account in advance.
  4. Arrange for a limo service; with some friends, the ride can be part of the party. Book early, because these services will sell out ahead of time.

It is Too Late To Plan Ahead — What Should I Do That Night?

Let someone else do the driving: Sometimes the smartest thing is to let someone else do the driving. When that is the case, you have several options in Columbus:

  1. Call a taxi. You can use TaxiFareFinder to estimate your fare and find local taxi companies and their phone numbers (on the left hand side.
  2. Use public transportation. COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) provides local bus rides for $2.00 one way. For information on their schedules and routes, see their website. COTA operates on normal hours on New Year’s Eve and on a Sunday schedule on New Year’s Day.
  3. Call a friend for a ride home. A true friend would rather be “inconvenienced” by having to go out in the middle of the night to pick you up, than have you be involved in an accident. If, in the moment, you drink more than you had expected to, call a friend and get home safely.

When you are sober and driving home: You were careful to stay sober, and now you want to get home safely. You are fine to drive, but you are worried about the other drivers on the road. What can you do to maximize your odds of avoiding an accident?

  1. Drive defensively. Be aware that many of the other drivers on the road have been drinking, and drive accordingly. Do not tailgate or drive close to other vehicles. Give other vehicles extra space to allow for their slowed reaction time, and for your car to stay out of their path if they weave in and out of their lanes.
  2. Avoid dangerous sections of local roads. Columbus, like every city, has certain areas that are more accident-prone. On New Year’s Eve, avoid driving through these areas, if possible.
  3. Call 911 to report drunk drivers you see on the road. You may save someone’s life.

And Always Remember:

  1. Take the keys from someone who has had too much to drink. This will keep them safe, as well as the other people on the road.
  2. Do not get in the car with a drunk or buzzed driver. This tip could  save your life.

If you are involved in an accident during the New Year’s Eve holiday in Columbus, you may have a claim for your injuries. Call Bressman Law today at 877-538-1116 to schedule your free consultation and discuss your case.