Hit and Run Insurance Options in Ohio

Hit and run accidents create a unique situation when it comes time to seek compensation for your damages. Because there is no other driver to hold liable for your damages and there is no “hit and run insurance,” you will have to rely on your own insurance policies for coverage of your injuries.

Several types of insurance can help you recover compensation after a hit and run accident. Unfortunately, you must have already elected for these types of coverage and policies prior to your accident. Therefore, it is important to regularly review and update your insurance coverage, especially when your family situation changes.

Your Car Insurance Coverage Makes a Big Difference

Basic Ohio car insurance will not do much for your hit and run situation, but optional coverage like uninsured motorist will help tremendously. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, known as UM/UIM coverage, covers your damages up to the policy limits you set if the driver who hits you does not have enough insurance to cover your damages. In this case, since there is no driver to hold accountable, there is no coverage to draw upon, and your UM policy would go into effect.

Additionally, optional MedPay coverage will pay for injuries sustained by you or your passengers, regardless of fault. It is important to note that this is NOT health insurance, it acts more as a reimbursement for medical expenses incurred in the crash.

Finally, there is the optional collision coverage, which covers the damage done to your vehicle in a hit and run accident. This can help with repair or replacement of your vehicle, and may also include reimbursement for a rental car if one is necessary while waiting on car repair or replacement, if you have comprehensive coverage. Note: If you have UM property damage coverage, you do not need collision coverage as they both cover the same thing.

Coverage from Health and Catastrophic Injury Insurance

After you have exhausted your car insurance coverage, look to your health and life insurance policies. Your health insurance may provide coverage for injuries sustained in an accident, especially if they are severe in nature. If the accident resulted in a temporary or permanent disability that prevents you from working, your health insurance may also provide disability coverage.

Additionally, many health and life insurance policies carry a rider for accidental death and dismemberment. This type of coverage applies if your loved one dies or loses a limb in an accident. This optional coverage can have many restrictions and will only pay out in severe accident cases, but the compensation is typically very substantial due to the nature of the damages covered.

If You Are Not Getting the Compensation You Need, Contact an Ohio Injury Attorney

Unless the driver responsible for your accident is located, you are likely on your own to seek coverage for your injuries. Starting an injury claim for compensation is simple, but getting the compensation you are entitled to can be difficult. Before you accept a settlement offer, remember that you have the right to seek help from an Ohio personal injury attorney.

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