The insurance company is calling me to settle – what should I say?

A personal injury law firm will advise you to share as little information as possible with the insurance company. You should not discuss your injuries at length with the insurance adjuster and you certainly should not sign any unlimited medical authorizations until you have had a chance to seek the advice of an attorney experienced in personal injury law.

Negotiating with your insurance company after an accident is like playing a game of cat and mouse. Just when you think you – the mouse – are ahead of the game, your insurance company – the cat – comes back at you with another mode of attack. This game can go on and on without the help of a skilled attorney.

A personal injury law firm will advise you that filing a lawsuit is your best option. You have the right to be compensated for your injury, medical expenses and lost income. Insurance companies cannot take away that right, but they can refuse to pay you at all, or offer a very small amount of money.

Always consult with a personal injury law firm, even if the adjuster sounds friendly. The adjuster is not there to help you. Anything you tell the adjuster will likely be used against your claim. Their only goal is to get rid of your case by making a low settlement offer. But if you have paid your insurance company monthly premiums, you deserve the best treatment at a time of injury or accident. As an accident victim, you can stand up for your rights and recover more money through the use of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Do not accept any low offer made to you by an adjuster.

Your personal injury law firm will be there if your case goes to trial because the likelihood of a settlement is still there. The other side may want to see your accident injury lawyers present your case, and they will want to try to assess how the judge or jury is responding. When they see that your attorney is forcefully presenting your case, they may decide it is time to give up. This can happen even after the jury has begun to consider a verdict.

Like any business, an insurance company’s success depends on how much money it can make and keep, so the insurance adjuster’s job is to pay you as little as they can get away with. The adjuster justifies these actions by claiming that clients who file claims are attempting to steal from the insurance company. In short, the adjuster is not your friend.

With the help of a personal injury law firm, you are likely to receive much more compensation. The insurance company knows the difference between negotiating with an unrepresented private citizen and with an experienced attorney. Having representation is important, and having the respected, experienced representation of a dedicated lawyer is best.

Your personal injury law firm will advise you not to sign, settle, or close anything until you have your injury evaluated. If you settle before your injury is fully resolved, you will be completely on your own, and you will have to pay out of pocket for your care.

An insurance company cannot make up reasons to deny or delay a claim when they state in your policy that they will provide insurance coverage. Each claim must be looked at individually and fairly as part of the claims handling process. Call an attorney if you have made an insurance claim for benefits and your insurance company disputes your claim, denies coverage, refuses to pay insurance benefits, offers you an unfair, low ball settlement on your insurance claim, or uses a variety of unfair stall tactics to delay payment of your insurance benefits.

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