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If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a car versus pedestrian crash in Columbus or nearby areas of central Ohio, you need a skilled lawyer on your side. Because of the nature of these collisions, pedestrians often suffer severe injuries and require months—if not years—of ongoing care.
The treatment, rehabilitation, and therapy associated with pedestrian accident injuries can easily cause major financial stress for your family. That is why you must act quickly to hold the at-fault motorist responsible for their negligent actions.
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How do motorists cause pedestrian accidents?

Many people do not realize how often pedestrians and motor vehicles cross paths. An accident could occur at any intersection or crosswalk, while entering or exiting a parking lot, while pulling in or out of a parking spot, or when motorists are backing out of their own driveways. In most of these cases, pedestrians have the right of way and motorists need to check carefully before proceeding to ensure no one is in danger.
When drivers fail to pay careful attention, accidents happen. Drivers may not notice pedestrians for many reasons, including:

  • Something distracts the driver, such as sending a textor entering a GPS destination;
  • The driver fails to check blind spots;
  • The motorist does not check behind their vehicle before backing up; or
  • The driver does not check both ways for pedestrians before passing through a crosswalk.

Speeding also plays a role in many of these crashes. Drunk, drugged, or fatigued drivers may also cause more of these accidents than sober, well-rested motorists.

What role does negligence play in a pedestrian accident?

To win the compensation you need to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related damages, we need to demonstrate with strong evidence that the driver acted in a negligent manner. This requires showing:

  • The driver needed to follow certain laws to prevent an accident;
  • The driver failed follow these laws, causing a crash; and
  • You suffered injuries in the collision.

As soon as we sign on to handle your case, we go to work collecting the documentation we need to meet this criteria. Often, the official police report plays a pivotal role. This report describes what happened based on the evidence the police had, cites anyone who broke traffic laws, and outlines the police opinion of who was at fault in the crash.
In most cases, the police report supports our case. If it does not, however, we may be able to argue against it based on eyewitness accounts of the crash and other evidence. In addition to the police report, we will gather other documentation showing the driver acted negligently. This may include testimony from accident reconstructions and input from other experts.

Is a negligent motorist always 100 percent at fault? Could I share in the responsibility?

The at-fault driver’s insurance company and legal team will often try to reduce the amount they have to pay out by claiming you also acted negligently and contributed to your own injuries. Even if they can prove this, Ohio’s contributory negligence law allows you to collect compensation for your damages as long as you are 50 percent or less at fault.
The amount of money you can recover, however, goes down based on how much you contributed to your injuries. For example, if you were drinking before the accident, the motorist’s insurer may say your impaired judgement put you 30 percent at fault for your injuries. This means you can only collect 70 percent of the full value of your claim—or $70,000 out of $100,000 in damages. If you believe you contributed to your accident injuries, let us know early in the process. We can provide as much evidence as possible to mitigate any contribution you made to cause the crash.
There is also a chance that other parties—besides you and the negligent motorist—contributed to your accident. For instance, a poorly designed crosswalk or an area with improper lighting can make it hard for a driver to see a pedestrian. If this occurred in your case, we can help you identify those responsible for overseeing the parking lot, crosswalk, or other area and hold them liable for their role in your accident.

Why is it important to talk to a lawyer?

Pedestrian accident claims are often difficult to navigate, especially when you are fighting to overcome serious injuries. The best way to learn about your options for compensation is to discuss your case with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Columbus. We can analyze your situation, help you understand the laws the motorist broke, and navigate the claims process to collect the damages you deserve.
Even if you are not certain if the driver was completely at fault in your crash or the driver left the scene of the accident, we can help you explore your legal options for getting the money you need to pay your bills. Since we offer free consultations, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.
If your loved one suffered devastating injuries or passed away because of the crash, it is especially important you contact us as soon as possible after an accident. This type of catastrophic life change or loss can impact every member of your family and leave you in a dire financial situation. We will fight to ensure you receive every dollar possible from your claim.

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