Bag It! Is Our Free Anti-Texting Tool – Order Yours Today!

Bressman Law anti-texting campaign bag it
*Due to an overwhelming demand, Bag It! is only available to Ohio residents.

How do we stop texting and driving? We Bag It!

Sure, on the surface, Bag It! appears to be a simple orange pouch you put your phone in before driving, but it is so much more than that! This little bag is more than a physical barrier between a driver and his or her phone.

Bag It! is a promise. When you Bag It!, you are making a promise to yourself, to those you love, and to those you share the road with that you won’t put your life – or any other lives – in danger to send or answer a text message while driving.

Request your FREE Bag It! by completing the short form below and we’ll send it to you right away.

Give Bag It! to your teen driver. Give it to your spouse. Give it to a friend. Or use it yourself. Whoever receives it is making a commitment to put their phone away when they are driving.

So, yes, it is a simple tool, but a powerful one. Here is how to use Bag It!:

  1. Put your cell phone in the Bag It!
  2. Close the Bag It!
  3. Place the Bag It! somewhere secure.
  4. Drive safely and save lives.

Thousands of people die each year because they or another driver was distracted at the wheel, and that is unacceptable. Click this link to learn more about our Bag It! initiative to save lives on the road.

As a BONUS for making a commitment to save lives by not texting while driving, you will also receive a white USB bracelet on which you can save emergency contact numbers and other vital information and our legal guide to auto accidents, a straightforward report on protecting your rights to compensation after a car accident in Ohio.

You must act fast, though. We only have a limited number of the bonus items. Request your FREE anti-texting kit today by emailing your full name, complete OHIO address and telephone number to