Important Dos and Don’ts of Working with Insurance Companies after an Injury Claim

If you want to file an injury claim after a serious accident, you’ll need to proceed carefully to prevent harming the outcome of your case. Below, we share a few helpful dos and don’ts to keep in mind as you begin working with insurance companies.

The DOs

  1. DO call and report the accident to your insurer immediately. Delaying can harm your eligibility for compensation.
  2. DO collect as much information as possible about the accident because you might need it to support your claim. This can include photos of the accident scene and your injuries, photos of the damage to the vehicles, police reports, etc.
  3. DO reread your policy to ensure you understand all the particulars about your coverage.
  4. DO start collecting proof of all your accident-related expenses, such as medical bills and prescriptions.
  5. DO start keeping an injury journal. Not only can this be insightful and cathartic for you, but also if your case should ever go to court, the journal can be a helpful piece of evidence.
  6. DO make notes of all your correspondence with any insurance adjusters. Include the gist of the conversation, the date/time, and the employees’ names, titles, contact numbers and supervisor’s names.
  7. DO be careful about how you use social media. Insurers can misconstrue and use posts and photos to deny claims, so you might consider avoiding it altogether until your claim is resolved.

The Don’ts

  1. DON’T admit fault. Admissions of fault can harm your claim. Even if you think you were at fault, it’s important not to verbalize those thoughts to insurers. Plus, you may not actually be at fault. You don’t know all the facts about the case, and the other party may be partially liable.
  2. DON’T give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement until you are certain you understand your coverage. If your injuries are severe, you’ll want to discuss it with a lawyer first.
  3. DON’T sign the first settlement offer that comes your way. Once you sign, you’ll be barred from getting more compensation later, should your injury worsen. Wait until the totality of your injury manifests or doctors are clear about the prognosis.
  4. DON’T forget that if you’re not being treated fairly or aren’t receiving compensation that’s rightfully yours, you may have other legal actions you can pursue. Talk to a lawyer if need be.

Speaking with an Injury Attorney in Ohio

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