Left Turn Accident

In many cases of left turn accidents the left-turning driver is considered at fault and traffic laws often back up this assumption, as they require drivers making a left turn to wait until it is safe to make the turn. However, there are some exceptions to the widely accepted rule of car accident liability. Left Turn Accident Liability

When might a turning driver not be held liable for a left turn accident?

Some situations in which another party may be found to hold accident liability for an accident involving a left turn at an intersection include:

  • the driver of the car that was traveling in a straight direction ran a red light or drove through a stop sign;
  • the speed of the car going straight was above the speed limit; and
  • the car making the left turn could not do so properly because of a road condition, obstacle or other emergency incident.

If the left-turning driver claims one of these defenses it doesn’t mean that the other driver still does not have the right to investigate the claim and pursue compensation for injuries. Witness testimony may confirm or refute a driver’s claim that the other party is responsible for the accident, and other evidence at the scene could be helpful in doing so as well.

Hiring an Attorney for Left Turn Accident Cases in Ohio

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