Left -turn Accidents with Motorcycles

In 2011, there were 3,870 motorcycle accidents in Ohio, 2,910 of which caused injury and 141 of which were fatal. Left-turn accidents are one type of collision that might cause serious injuries to motorcyclists or in some cases can be deadly.

Left-turn Accidents Deadly for Motorcyclists 

A left-turn accident occurs when a driver making a left turn fails to see an oncoming motorcyclist who is proceeding straight through the intersection. The driver will turn left in front of the motorcycle or might strike the motorcycle on the side. This can throw the motorcyclist off the bike or might cause the motorcyclist to skid across the ground with the bike, causing serious injuries.

Causes of Left-turn Accidents 

Most left-turn accident are preventable. A driver may fail to adequately check for oncoming motorcyclists or may fail to check at all. Motorcyclists may be difficult to see because of their relatively smaller size, but all motorists are responsible for checking for any motor vehicle or person who is passing through the intersection or crossing the street.

Who’s at fault for a left-turn accident? 

Usually, the party at fault for a left-turn accident is the party who made the turn. For example, if a driver turning left hit the motorcyclist who was traveling through the intersection, the driver will most likely be at fault. In fact, Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.42 reads that the operator of a vehicle intending to take a left turn must “yield the right of way to any vehicle” approaching from the opposite direction.

There are, however, some exceptions where the driver turning left may not be at fault. This might be the case if the motorcyclist was illegally passing through the intersection, was in the wrong lane, or was otherwise behaving negligently. In such cases, the motorcyclist might be liable – at least partially – for the accident.

Injured Bikers Can File a Claim after a Left-turn Wreck 

Motorcyclists injured in a left-turn accident in Ohio and who suffered injuries can file a motorcycle accident claim to recover damages. These damages include any costs of repair for the motorcycle, costs of medical expenses, replacement of lost wages, and mental anguish damages.

However, to reclaim damages, a motorcyclist will have to prove the other driver’s negligence caused the accident which may require the following.

  • Video surveillance
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Police investigation reports

Additionally, the statute of limitations for an injury case in Ohio is two years after the accident, so injured motorcyclists should get started pursuing a claim right away.

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