Friday, May 20 is National Bike to Work Day 2016

Can you think of one daily activity you could change to help the environment, reduce traffic, and improve your health? If you answered ‘bike to work’, you would be correct! The League of American Bicyclists (The League) is promoting this healthy form of transportation with National Bike To Work Day on Friday, May 20, 2016.

National Bike to Work Day Basics

According to The League, 40 percent of all trips Americans take are less than two miles. That distance is easily bikeable for the average person, and National Bike to Work Day hopes to persuade car commuters to switch up their transportation for the day and help save the environment.

If lower emissions and less dependence on fossil fuels will not convince you, some of the benefits of increased bicycle use include:

  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory health
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building
  • Less traffic
  • Cheaper maintenance

Columbus’ Bike-Positive Initiatives

The city of Columbus launched the Columbus Bike Plan to create a better, safer environment for cyclists. The plan has three main goals:

  • Develop bicycle policies and legislation.
  • Evaluate the current bicycle resources and count the current volume of bicyclists.
  • Educate cyclists about safety and encourage more people to cycle.

These plans will take the cooperation of city and state officials, community leaders, and residents. The Columbus Bike Project will tie-in to the Connect Columbus Project (CCP). The CCP will help develop long-term plans for a bicycle network and new bicycle-friendly facilities.

Celebrate Bike to Work Day in Columbus

If you plan to participate in National Bike to Work Day 2016 in Columbus, the city is sponsoring a special party in your honor! Starting at 5:00 p.m., bike over to Columbus Commons for a free concert, food and drinks, and complimentary bike valet provided by Yay Bikes! If you use a CoGo shared bike to arrive at the party, you can enter a drawing to win great prizes.

This event is a great way to start the National Bike Challenge along with thousands of other Americans. The Commuter Challenge, beginning on June 1, is also open for registration.

Bressman Law salutes all riders doing their part to reduce traffic and help the environment by biking to work. Our legal team represents riders injured in accidents caused by negligent drivers. Contact Bressman Law to schedule a FREE consultation regarding your rights to file a claim for damages: 877-538-1116.