Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury cases often get the bad reputation of being frivolous lawsuits. The media has been known to report settlements for accident injury cases as overcompensated legal claims. As the victim of such an accident, I want you to know that all Ohio injury accident cases deserve attention no matter how small.

At Bressman Law we take personal injury cases seriously. Attorney David Bressman takes pride in being a trial attorney on behalf of injured victims. While not all accident injury cases are million-dollar settlements, every case can feel like that to victims and their family hoping to recover compensation for expenses and losses.

Placing a Value on Ohio Injury Accident Cases
The value of personal injury cases is determined by several factors, not just the amount of medical bills you owe. This is why many people see settlements for hundreds of thousands of dollars for a head injury and think it’’s a frivolous lawsuit.

What these skeptics don’’t realize is that a serious injury such as head trauma can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for both the victim and his or her family. If the head of household is injured in a car accident, the family may seek compensation for:

  • lost wages, both current and future;
  • medical bills, both current and future;
  • future life adjustments; and
  • pain and suffering.

There are also cases in which punitive damages may be awarded if gross negligence or carelessness led to the accident and resultant injuries.

Accident injury cases in Ohio can often result in settlements well over the base cost of the medical bills. This is how justice is obtained in personal injury cases ‘– compensating victims for both tangible damages and the suffering they experience due to another’’s negligence.

Do not let others dissuade you from pursuing your injury claim ‘– you are not greedy and seeking money to which you are not entitled. The truth is, many accident victims are unaware of the full cost of their injury until months or years have passed and they are still paying for medical care or living a drastically different lifestyle.

Understanding the Impact of a Serious Injury
A common example of how a serious injury can impact your financial needs for a lifetime is with a traumatic brain injury. Severe brain damage can result in the need for drastic life changes and, in some cases, life-long medical care. Victims who suffer serious head trauma may experience cognitive impairment, require a caretaker, or even move into an assisted living facility.

These life changes are costly over time and may generate life-long medical expenses. Another matter to consider is that in serious injury accident cases, the injury may impair an adult from working and earning an income in the future. For children who suffer serious injuries it may prevent them from ever working and earning an income. Is it fair to the victim that they can no longer earn a living to pay these medical bills?

This is why attorney David Bressman became a personal injury lawyer. His goal is to see that injury accident cases in Ohio are resolved so the victims and their families are provided for financially in the future. These expenses and damages are unexpected and unwarranted ‘– the victims deserve to be compensated when another’’s negligence is the cause of their suffering and financial burden.

Ohio Negligence Laws in Injury Accident Cases
As the victim of a serious accident or a family who has lost a loved one, you know how frustrating it can be to know that the harm and damages came due to another’’s negligence. You did not deserve to go through the pain and suffering you now experience and your future may have been changed drastically.

At Bressman Law in Ohio, the injury accident cases we pursue are those where negligence was a factor in causing injury or death, and resulting damages. Ohio follows a comparative fault, 51 percent rule for negligence, meaning a party may be found up to 50 percent at fault for causing the accident and still recover damages.

Settlements for personal injury cases are awarded based on the degree of fault of the victim in the accident case. The higher degree of fault, the lower your settlement payment will be. For example, if you were injured in a car accident and found to be 20 percent at fault, $100,000 in damages would result in an $80,000 recovery.

Working with an attorney who handles accident injury cases like these means you have a professional on your side who understands the Ohio negligence laws and fault system. Fault is determined by thorough review of evidence related to the accident and well-supported injury accident cases in Ohio will have evidence such as:

  • photographs of the accident scene and injuries;
  • police reports;
  • witness statements;
  • doctor reports; and
  • medical records.

Gathering this evidence and preparing personal injury cases are not matters that Ohio victims or their families should have to deal with alone. In times like these, a personal injury attorney can help.

Hiring an Attorney for Accident Injury Cases in Ohio
Injury accident cases can be settled on behalf of a victim or the family with the help of an attorney at Bressman Law. Our staff handles only personal injury cases where negligence has caused injury or death of an individual. We never represent insurance companies or third parties ‘– only Ohio residents who have been injured or killed by the negligent actions of another.

We want our clients to be informed of their options when filing accident injury cases. Before making any decisions, we would like to offer our free guide to Ohio injury accident cases. Call our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your personal injury case with an attorney: 877-538-1116.