Rollover Truck Accidents: Contributing Factors & Causes

Rollover truck accidents can cause substantial injuries and damages not only to the truck occupants, but also to other surrounding vehicles. Below are some of the factors that increase risks of rollover accidents and various causes of them.

Truck Factors that Increase Risk of Rollover

The susceptibility of large trucks to rollover accidents depends a lot of on their design, load, current condition, and the distribution of their weight. Below are a few factors that can affect a truck’s stability and its likelihood of rolling over. 

  • Maintenance – A truck with tire, steering, or suspension issues increases the danger of rolling over. Truck drivers and carriers should routinely inspect their trucks and ensure their fleet is in good repair.
  • Height of the cargo – The taller the load, the higher the center of gravity, and a higher center of gravity means an increased risk of rollover. It’s best to better disperse the weight and keep the center of gravity low.
  • Positon of cargo – Loads not centered can shift the center of gravity to the side, which can make the truck more likely to flip. Drivers and loading dock personnel should ensure the loads are properly centered.
  • Securement of cargo – If the loaders don’t secure the cargo, it can move around and shift the center of gravity in the middle of a trip. Drivers and others should take extra care to properly secure the load.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Large Truck Crash Causation Study reveals the types and causes of truck rollover accidents. Below are the most common causes. (Note, many of them are completely preventable with proper care and training.) 

  • Failing to adjust to speed in a curve – This most frequently occurs on on-ramps and off-ramps. The condition of the brakes and positioning of cargo and road conditions can affect risk when going around a curve.
  • Driver inattention – This category includes causes such as falling asleep, talking on the phone, and fumbling around for an object in the cab.
  • Steering mishaps – Rollovers also commonly occur when the driver over-steers or overcorrects.
  • Truck factors – The fourth most common cause of rollover truck accidents are the truck factors listed in the above section. Failing to take the center of gravity, securement, or maintenance into account.

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