Three Driving Safety Tips for Defensive Driving Around Trucks

Remembering some basic defensive driving tips can reduce risk of an accident by identifying hazards that may exist on the road. Although driving safety tips can be helpful in general, there are certain tips that apply to driving around trucks.

Driving Safety Tips to Keep in Mind around Trucks: Passing

It’s important to remember that visibility is limited for truck drivers. Additionally, their blind spots are much larger than passenger cars. So passing should only be done when safe to do so. Examples of when it might not be safe to pass are when passing on the right at an intersection or when a truck is backing up.

Be observant of a truck’s signal when intending to pass. Even if the right turn signal is on, don’t assume that’s what the driver will do. Allow the truck to make its turn or lane change before passing.

Defensive Driving Around Trucks: Keeping a Safe Following Distance 

A rear-end collision could be avoided by keeping a safe following distance from a truck. It’s just as important to avoid getting too close when traveling alongside one, as wind currents could diminish the vehicle’s stability, causing a driver to lose control. Similarly, if a truck is following you too closely, do the safe thing and pull over or change lanes, allowing it to pass.

Defensive Driving Around Trucks: Changing Lanes 

Always use a turn signal when changing lanes. Truck drivers cannot guess a motorist’s intentions. Another thing to keep in mind when planning to change lanes and pull in front of a truck: slightly accelerate your speed. Also, don’t pass a semi and then suddenly cut it off or drive slowly in front of it.

Allow enough space before merging in front of a truck. To be sure you’ve left enough space, look in your rearview mirror for the truck’s headlights. If they aren’t completely visible in your rearview mirror then don’t pull in front of the truck until they are.

Remembering these safe driving tips can avoid many types of accidents. But if you’re struck by a truck or a truck driver otherwise causes an accident, contact an attorney. Call Bressman Law at 877-538-1116.