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You have chosen a personal injury law firm with uncommon concern for its clients coupled with uncommon dedication to protecting rights. When you have been hurt you will find our accident injury law firm to be an island of compassion in a sea of uncaring lawyers.  We believe a wrongful death law firm should be gentle to the injured and professionally tough on the other side.

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We are an accident injury law firm with experience handling a variety of cases:

  • car, motorcycle and truck accidents
  • slip-and-fall injured
  • wrongful death
  • professional negligence
  • injury in the workplace
  • pedestrian injury
  • animal and dog attacks

This is just a sample of the types of cases we handle. When catastrophic injuries cause you or your family grief and debt, turn to the Bressman Law personal injury law firm for help.

Families who work with a wrongful death law firm or victims who seek assistance of an injury attorney are given many advantages over those who try to go it alone. Our attorneys are well versed in the nuances of general and Ohio personal injury laws. You don’t need to page through the hundreds of Ohio Statutes to find the negligence laws that govern your case – our accident injury law firm is here to do so for you.

The insurance companies rely on claimant ignorance to resolve many injury cases. They prey upon the fact that most accident victims are scared, injured, and frustrated with their situation. Any settlement offer may be appealing when your medical bills are piling up and you’re unable to work to pay them off.

If you have been offered a settlement from an insurance company, don’t respond until you’ve spoken with an attorney at a personal injury law firm like Bressman Law. As an accident victim or the family of the victim of a fatal accident, you have the right to fair compensation for your losses and the right to fight for the settlement you deserve with the help of a wrongful death law firm or injury lawyer.

Our Accident Injury Law Firm Protects Your Rights

As the victim or the family of a victim, we want you to remember that you have every right to compensation and every right to refuse a quick offer from insurance adjusters. They want to settle claims fast, to get off the hook for injuries that may not be apparent immediately.

The insurance company would much rather offer you a low-ball settlement and get you to sign a piece of paper that releases them from liability. An accident injury law firm can advise you regarding any settlement offers before you sign anything. If you agree to a lowball settlement, it is often too late when you have signed it and accepted a small check.

Even if you don’t have our law firm represent you, please “sleep on” any offer for a few days before you sign anything. You have a right to money damages for long term pain and suffering. We are the personal injury law firm dedicated to protecting your rights.

The Bressman Law Personal Injury Law Firm Fights For You

A settlement offer for your personal injury claim may come at any time during the negotiation process. We have seen plenty of settlement offers and it’s rare that the initial offer is the one our clients accept. We dedicate our efforts to obtaining the highest settlement amount possible so the clients of our wrongful death law firm are taken care of financially in the future.

Whether you are filing a complaint against a distracted truck driver who crashed into your vehicle or a negligent store owner who failed to clean up a spill in a store where you slipped and fell, seek a personal injury law firm that knows how to handle negotiations with the insurance company.

In a personal injury case, their side will be represented by expensive lawyers. We believe you have a right to first rate legal help, too. So our personal injury law firm will not charge you anything unless we earn you a settlement or a financial verdict in your favor. We will pay all fees, pay experts, and forego paying ourselves until you get paid for your suffering. Make sure you have lawyers who can go up against theirs and win for you.

In some cases, your claim will not go to trial. This is often the best case for all parties involved, as it saves time and money by reducing the need for trial dates and court fees. Another goal at the Bressman Law personal injury law firm is to resolve your case as quickly as possible. This means actively negotiating and performing extensive research so we can provide solid evidence of your damages.

It is essential that whenever possible, you to come to our accident injury law firm soon after your accident or have a trusted representative of your family or friends to make the first contact with us. In Ohio, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. You want to make certain we can meet that deadline on your behalf. In addition, your memory of what happened is important to the case, and it will be clearest soon after the incident. However, if it took time for the symptoms to appear, don’t worry. Our personal injury law firm will review your situation and explain all of the options you may still have for recovery of damages.

Once a settlement agreement is reached, all sides have no further liability and cannot sue one another in the future. At this point, the case is closed. If it cannot be settled, your injury law firm takes it to court.

At Bressman Law we strive to be the wrongful death law firm with more satisfied clients than any personal injury law firm in Ohio. Our greatest achievements are when we help our clients receive the settlement to which they are entitled so they can recover their finances and move on after a tragic accident.

Your financial and emotional recovery are our greatest goals. Before you talk to the insurance companies, let our accident injury law firm review your case and help you understand your rights. We are confident that you will consider hiring the Bressman Law accident injury law firm the right choice.

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