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Dublin, OH, has been growing at a rapid pace, bringing more jobs and more residents into the city. With this development comes crowded streets and more people utilizing public transportation to get to work, school, and other destinations. This influx of travelers has left local officials scrambling to come up with plans to improve local public transit options for residents.
While public transportation is generally a positive thing, accidents do happen. When they do and you suffer injuries because of them, it is important to understand your rights and know how to get the compensation you need to cover your medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.
If you suffered injuries because of the actions of a public transportation driver, Bressman Law can help you get the money you deserve. Call us today at 877-538-1116 to schedule a free consultation with our public transportation lawyers in Dublin, OH.

Can I file a claim to collect compensation if a public transportation employee caused my accident?

You have a right to collect compensation for your medical bills and other damages if a bus driver or other public transportation employee acted negligently and caused your injuries. There are three common ways this occurs:

  • A bus driver causes an accident while you are a passenger;
  • A collision occurs where the bus driver hits your vehicle; or
  • A bus driver struck you while you were on-footor cycling.

To prove the employee caused your crash and resulting injuries, we will gather documentation about the cause of your accident, including:

  • The official police report;
  • Eyewitness accounts;
  • Photos of the scene or video of the crash;
  • Dash cam video from the bus, if available;
  • Driver drug and alcohol testing results;
  • Other data from the bus or bus operator;
  • Testimony from accident reconstructions; and
  • Other expert witness testimony.

Once we can prove the bus driver was at fault in the collision, we can hold them responsible for their negligence by filing a claim with their employer. State law follows the theory of respondeat superior, also known as vicarious liability. This theory states that the employer is responsible for the actions of their employees as long as they are acting within the confines of their job description. Since the bus driver was behind the wheel at the time of the crash, we can file a claim with the agency that runs the bus.

What are some common ways public transportation workers cause accidents?

While buses and other public transportation options typically operate on set routes, they can still cause accidents in many of the same ways as a passenger car. In fact, sticking to their route and trying to keep up with schedules may encourage some drivers take unnecessary risks.
Some of the most common ways a public transportation driver can cause an accident include:

  • Speeding;
  • Ignored red lights and stop signs;
  • Failing to yield the right of way to cars, pedestrians, or others;
  • Driving aggressively to stay on schedule;
  • Driving while fatigued;
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol; and
  • Ignoring issues with bus maintenance or defective parts.

If your crash injuries occurred because of any of these reasons, we can pursue a claim against the public transportation agency to recover the money you need to pay your accident-related bills and cover your damages.

What is the claims process like when the defendant is a public agency?

A claim against a public transportation provider is more complicated than your typical accident claim. The deadlines for claims involving government agencies are typically shorter and the process is harder to navigate. This is where our lawyers can help.
Ohio’s Political Subdivision Tort Liability Act allows us to file for compensation in this type of accident despite the sovereign immunity most government agencies hide behind. This act outlines a number of exceptions to sovereign immunity, such as when an employee of a government agency causes an auto accident while on the job.
We can help you file a claim based on the rules of the agency involved, whether that is the Central Ohio Transit Authority, the City of Columbus, or another service provider. You can rest assured knowing we understand how to navigate this type of claim with any local public transportation agency.
Because these cases often have short deadlines, we act quickly to identify who caused your accident and collect the evidence to prove our case. Then, we submit the proper paperwork and documentation of your injuries. From there, we can fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve.

Why do I need a lawyer to help me?

There is no reason to take on a government agency on your own. Not only is the claims process more complex than a traditional car accident claim, there are very specific procedures to follow. Failure to follow these could limit your ability to recover the compensation you deserve.
At the same time, the agency will have a team of lawyers and experts trying to tear your claim apart. Their goal is to pay out the least amount possible, so they may claim you caused the accident or assert that your injuries existed before the crash. We can provide evidence to show this is not true and even call on accident reconstructionists and other experts to demonstrate how the bus driver caused the accident and your injuries.
If you need to file a claim against a public transportation service provider for your damages, you need us on your side. We fight for the maximum amount of compensation based on the facts of your case and the nature of your injuries. We will not settle for less.

How can I talk to a public transportation lawyer near me for free?

Bressman Law offers free, no-obligation case reviews for accident victims in Dublin, Ohio, and throughout the Greater Columbus area. If you need to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options for compensation, call us today at 877-538-1116 to schedule a time to meet with one of our public transportation attorneys.