What To Know If a Dog Bites You at Work

There may be no telling when you might sustain a dog bite at work from a scared or aggressive dog. Workers such as mailmen, garbage collectors, door-to-door salesmen, landscapers, or anyone else who works near homes run the risk of being bitten or attacked by a dog during their workday. In fact, Columbus ranks eighth nationally for dog bites on postal workers, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

While they are not among the most common injuries you may experience while working, they can be severe and cause you to miss time at work, and ultimately wages you need to support yourself and your family. Fortunately, if this does happen to you, there are a few options you have to cover your losses while you heal.

Options for Workers Bit by a Dog

One of your options is to file a claim against the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance. In most instances of dog bite liability, a pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance covers them against liability if their dog attacks someone.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), dog bites made up over a third of homeowner’s insurance liability claims that insurance companies paid in 2014. In Ohio alone, there were 1,009 claims, the second highest in the country.

A successful dog bite liability claim can pay for medical bills, lost wages or earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the dog bite.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Dog Bite at Work

A homeowner’s claim against the dog owner is not your only option if a dog bit you while you were at work. You could also file for workers’ compensation benefits.

The bite must have occurred while you were on the job. Workers’ compensation will not cover you if the dog bite occurs on your day off, or if it happens before or after you are on the clock.

If successful, you may be able to recover benefits for part of your lost wages and your medical bills.

Get Help from Bressman Law after a Dog Bite

A serious dog bite can cause you to miss time at work, lose important wages, and maybe even incur expensive hospital bills. If you live in Columbus, or the surrounding areas, and have been attacked or bitten by a dog and suffered severe injuries, call the attorneys at Bressman Law. Give us a call now at 877-538-1116 for your free consultation.