Steps to Report a Dog Bite in Ohio

Ohio law requires anyone with knowledge of a dog bite to report it within 24 hours.

Steps to Report a Dog Bite in Ohio


According to the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-3-28, if a dog, or any other mammal, bites you, you should fill out a bite incident report and file it with the health commissioner in the district where the dog bite occurred. Ohio law further maintains that if you do not file the bite report, then your healthcare provider or a veterinarian with knowledge of the bite must do so.

If the bite occurred in Franklin County, you may report the bite to the following agencies:

  • Animal Care & Control: 614-525-3400
  • Columbus Health Dept. (if in Columbus or Worthington): 614-645-6134
  • Franklin County Public Health (any other location in Franklin Co.): 614-525-3160

This report may be compelling evidence if you decide to file a lawsuit. Nevertheless, many people fail to file these reports because they are unaware of the requirement or do not know how. This post is will explain how to make the bite incident report and what you should include in the report.

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What to Include in the Dog Bite Report

Include the following information in the bite incident report.

  • A description of the dog that bit you
  • The name(s) and contact information of the animal’s owner(s)
  • The name of the person bitten (your name, for example)
  • The location where the bite took place
  • How the bite happened.

What Happens to the Dog After Filing a Bite Incident Report

A lot of people hesitate to report dog bites because they fear the dog will be put to sleep. But making a dog bite incident report does not mean the dog will automatically be put to sleep.

Once the health commissioner receives your bite incident report, the health department will perform a rabies exposure risk assessment. Per Ohio Administrative Code 3701-3-29, Officials may quarantine the dog and observe it for signs of rabies. The quarantine may occur at a kennel or pound, but in many cases occurs at the owner’s home with the owner reporting signs of rabies to the health commissioner. The quarantine lasts for at least 10 days.

If the dog’s owner is unknown – such as in the case of stray dogs – then the health commissioner may order it killed and examined for signs of rabies, as its rabies vaccination status will likely be unknown.

Report Your Dog Bite Right Away and Get the Legal Help You Need

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