Immediate Hospital Care

If you did not receive immediate hospital care but later find that you are injured, your personal injury case is not over! In car accidents where there isn’’t much vehicle damage and you feel alright at the scene, you might ask yourself, ‘“Should I go in the ambulance?’” The answer depends on if you believe you are injured or not.

Timeliness of a Hospital Exam May Benefit Your Injury Case
If you seek immediate hospital care, you establish the potential for injury and are able to be assessed immediately to determine if you will need to pursue an injury claim. However, if you questioned whether you should go in the ambulance after the accident and chose not to, you should still seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible.

The human body does not always show signs of injury that require immediate hospital care. In fact, many common injuries such as whiplash, soft tissue injuries, and nerve damage may take days, even months to cause concern.

If you ignore injuries you are decreasing the validity of your injury claim. Insurance companies are skeptical about cases where the accident occurred months ago, yet the claimant just now decides to file a claim. The timeliness of a hospital exam can help substantiate your injury claim.

Deciding Whether to Go in the Ambulance
When you’’ve been in an accident you have the right to seek medical attention from emergency services or by visiting your own doctor. This is a right you should not waive, both for your health and for the integrity of your injury claim. While it’’s definitely not impossible to file an injury claim if you’’ve refused immediate hospital care or didn’’t see a doctor shortly after the accident, it helps connect your injuries to the accident when you seek immediate attention.

When asking yourself whether you should go in the ambulance after the accident, consider these points:

  • Do you feel pain or discomfort?
  • Do you notice any abnormalities when walking, standing, or sitting?
  • Are you having difficulty thinking, speaking or remembering?
  • Can you breathe normally?
  • Did you notice any external abnormalities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’’s best to be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. Timeliness of a medical exam could not only save you from allowing an existing injury to become worse, but it also establishes a connection between the injury and the accident.

Immediate Care Can Help, But Won’’t Ruin Your Claim
The insurance adjusters and judges know that not all injuries are apparent at the scene of the accident. With evidence of their injuries and the fault of the other party, many of our clients who declined medical treatment at the scene have gone on to win their cases.

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