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When a child is born, parents often count fingers and toes, and look to see that their child’s limbs are intact as well. Having every part in its place is something many people equate with being whole. This is one of the main reasons why dealing with severed limbs is so difficult for so many people.

A Struggle to Feel Whole

Severed limbs from an accident in Columbus, OhioThe Amputee Coalition of America revealed that nearly two million Americans have lost a limb. Forty-five percent experienced severed limbs after a traumatic injury, including car accidents.

One 27-year-old man was in a near fatal car accident. While he didn’t lose his life, he did lose he lower portion of his right leg. And like the loss of life, the experience prompts a grieving process to deal with the emotional blow of the loss.

In addition, there is still physical pain and frustration in learning to use a prosthetic limb in place of the original. Going through an amputation carries a good deal of physical risk as well. Several complications can arise as the post-surgery wound is going through the healing process. Infections occur in 15 percent of those who undergo an amputation. Phantom pain, where the patient feels pain where the limb no longer exists, is normally temporary. Physical rehabilitation takes a strong commitment and needs to begin as soon as possible. If an area gets too stiff, it will make progress more difficult.

Dealing With Grief and the Emotional Blow of Severed Limbs

The steps of grieving a severed limb are similar to the grieving process a person experiences with a death or other major loss in their life. Many pass through all five stages of the grieving process: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Some find themselves stuck at some point along the way. For some amputees, the grieving process becomes even more complex. In many cases, depression can be severe and prolonged, and can include suicidal thoughts or actions. Some have nightmares, act out violently, or isolate themselves from the world and those who support them. While some people who are fitted with a prosthetic are eventually able to function with it almost as if it had always been a part of them, others aren’t able to have their limb replaced at all and face a permanent obstacle to their quality of life, and struggle with having to depend on others. Their image of their body and their self-esteem many dwindle and put stress on their relationships.

Amputations in car accidents are among the most common injuries experienced, and overcoming all the physical and emotional turmoil that surrounds them can be a long and expensive process. Too often insurance settlements for personal injuries, including car accident severed limbs, are accepted based on minimal treatment of the physical injury. Psychological support is not always factored in, nor is long term care, or loss of future earnings, or earning potential due to the disability. If you’ve suffered a car accident severed limb, you shouldn’t have to compromise your recovery. The lawyers at Bressman Law in Columbus, Ohio, are sensitive to the needs of those who have experienced amputations in car accidents, and we will fight to see that all your needs are considered. To learn more, contact us for a consultation.