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As your Dublin personal injury lawyer, Bressman Law will act swiftly and assertively, for three main reasons:

  1. You need to pay medical bills
  2. Need to be compensated for lost income or for permanent disability.
  3. In the state of Ohio, you must file your claim within two years of being injured.

If you are injured in an accident, a lawyer from Bressman Law will get to work for you fast!  We encourage you to speak with a personal injury lawyer soon after your accident if your injuries allow, or have a trusted family member or friend make contact. If the two-year “window” is too near following the injury or accidental death, a lawyer may not be able to prepare your case.

Choosing an accident injury lawyer is a personal decision.
Let’s get to know one another.
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The sooner you begin your relationship with your personal injury attorney, the sooner he or she can begin working on your case. The first step to settling a personal injury claim is to discover the details of your accident and resultant injury. You are your best witness and delaying the meeting with a lawyer will only allow your memory to fade.

Statements from witnesses to the injury or accidental death can help your attorney build a case to pursue your claim. A witnesses’ memory is most accurate immediately after an accident which is why you’ll want to have your lawyer gathering witness testimony for your case as soon as possible.

Delaying your case can also be detrimental to the severity of your injuries. Insurance companies may see a claim that was filed months after an accident and wonder why the victim took so long to claim injuries. An insurance adjuster may see a claim and wonder, “If the injuries were so serious, why didn’t he or she say something right after the accident?”

The truth is, many types of serious injury such as nerve damage or whiplash can take days, even months to manifest. Expert testimony from doctors can help prove that the injuries were delayed in presenting symptoms, but are still just as severe. An accident injury lawyer from Bressman Law can help you prove that your injuries are deserving of compensation.

When do you need an accidental death or personal injury lawyer?

An attorney can help accident victims recover damages they incurred when another’s negligence caused them serious injury. Likewise, an accidental death lawyer is there for the families of victims whose lives were lost in an accident caused by another’s negligence.

A personal injury lawyer handles many kinds of cases:

  • vehicle wreck claims
  • slip-and-fall accidents
  • head and brain injuries
  • wrongful death
  • medical errors
  • professional negligence
  • injuries in the workplace
  • construction injuries to passersby
  • animal and dog bites

If the cause of your injury is not on that list, you may still contact our firm. You will find we give an open ear combined with an open mind to get you the compensation you deserve.

What happens when you consult a personal injury lawyer?

We will be looking for details, and so you can expect your attorney to ask a lot of questions, but always in a caring manner you would expect from someone who is on your side. When dealing with an accident, an injury lawyer will need official information, for instance approval to get your medical records. From the start your personal injury attorney will be preparing your case to go to trial, and at Bressman Law we get ready quickly and prepare thoroughly.

It may turn out that we negotiate a settlement with the party at fault, or with an insurance company. Insurance companies, when presented with a thoroughly researched and organized case, may be more apt to reach a settlement to avoid going to court. Your lawyer can help you prepare the case to present all relevant facts.

If the new settlement offer is acceptable, your attorney will help you finalize your case. But if your case is still worth more than is being offered for a case of serious injury or accidental death, your lawyer will continue preparing for trial.

The next step is to file the lawsuit with the court and pay the filing fee. You are not paying for any of these kinds costs or attorney fees unless you win your case or get you a settlement. There is no cost to you throughout the process until it ends in your favor. If it doesn’t, you pay nothing.

The “discovery” period is when your personal injury lawyer is required to give documents to the party you are suing (which they have to give us, too). You may have to be examined by a doctor of their choice. Remember, when filing a lawsuit after an accident, your injury lawyer is with you all of the way through this.

Discovery may be the period when your lawyer agrees on a settlement. At Bressman Law we work to get what is fair, given the suffering, pain and financial impact on you or your family.

An injury lawyer from Bressman Law works diligently to resolve your case without trial, but if we can’t settle, we go to court. A lot of insurers and other lawyers want to avoid this, but we work for the individual who has been hurt and wronged and are not afraid to head t court to obtain a fair conclusion. Often during trial the other side comes forward with a settlement. If not, your lawyer will continue to fight for your rightful settlement.

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