David Bressman Represents Family of DUI Accident Victim Pro Bono

Kim Harriman had spoken to eight attorneys in person and countless law firms through email, each time hearing the same sentiment.

We are sorry for your loss but the other driver does not have insurance; there is no way you are going to recover any money. Therefore, we will not help you.

Kim’s 24 year old son, Jarred Bullion, was hit and killed, by a drunk driver on December 8, 2013. He left behind a young daughter, Kalyn Marie. Also in the car were Jarred’s best friend, Eric Richie, and another friend, Quinton Owens. Eric, the driver, was also killed and Quinton, a backseat passenger was seriously injured when the drunk driver, Robert Persinger Jr., ran through a stop sign at 84 mph striking the right passenger side, where Jarred was seated, of the vehicle being driven by Eric Richie.

Eric was pronounced dead at the scene, Jarred passed away while being transported by helicopter to Grant Medical Center.

Case Catches the Attention of Personal Injury Attorney David Bressman

This story may sound like a typical tragedy that you hear on any local news station on any given night in America. But there were several reasons why this particular accident caught the attention of attorney David Bressman. First, this happened in Bressman Law’s own backyard. The accident took place in Marion, Ohio less than 40 miles from Bressman Law’s Dublin, Ohio office.

Additionally, this was not just any accident, but a drunk driving accident with an uninsured motorist. After investigations were completed, the at-fault driver, Persinger, was found to have had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.18, more than twice the legal limit. His vehicle was traveling approximately 84 miles-per-hour when it blew through a stop sign and struck Eric’s vehicle. Persinger was uninsured at the time of the crash, leaving the Bullion family with little recourse to recover damages.

A Mother’s Struggle to Seek Justice

Shortly after her son’s death, Kim Harriman began her search for an attorney to help her file a wrongful death claim on behalf of her son, Jarred’s, estate and her granddaughter, Kalyn. Kim knew that no financial recovery could bring back Kalyn’s father but at least she would have some justice for Jarred and Kalyn.

After numerous searches, calls, and meetings, all resulting in no lawyer being willing to help her, Kim was at a loss for legal help. It seemed as if no attorney in Ohio would touch her case because the at-fault driver did not have insurance. They saw her situation as a lost cause, a waste of time and money. Law firms were telling her to move on and forget about it, there was no amount of legal work that could bring back her son.

Kim was determined to make things right, at least for her granddaughter. Kim knew that somewhere there had to be an attorney willing to take her case and help her seek justice. After a bit more searching, she found attorney David Bressman of Bressman Law, who not only agreed to take her case, but did so without expectation of payment.

Bressman’s Pro Bono Gesture Gives the Bullion Family Hope

David Bressman stepped up when no other attorney would, believing there had to be some way to help the Bullion family. Persinger had nothing to his name; no insurance, no assets. Yet Bressman persisted with the case, making sure he leaves no stone unturned in seeking justice for Kim, Jarred and Kalyn.

“I’m just so thankful for you,” she said to David Bressman, “And you know, I can never pay you what you deserve for doing this for me. But I know that you care. If you didn’t care about people, you wouldn’t have done this for me. Because the drunk driver has nothing, so I just know that you care. And I so appreciate that you’re doing this.”

A Message of Hope for Victims of Drunk Drivers and Other “Impossible” Injury Claims

It is a difficult to accept that not all wrongful death or personal injury claims will be able to achieve financial compensation for the victims. However, that does not mean that a family has to give up on seeking justice for their loved one’s losses. If an act of negligence by another party is responsible for your family member’s death, do not give up hope.

Law firms that do not have the time to take your case or do not see your case as providing easy money may turn you down. There are hundreds of attorneys in your area, and thousands across Ohio. Keep searching. For every hundred times you hear, “No,” there may still be a “Yes” waiting for you from the next attorney you call.

Attorney David Bressman is dedicated to serving the residents of Columbus, Dublin, Franklin County and the surrounding areas. When one of our locals is harmed due to the negligence of others, Bressman Law is there to step up and help fight for justice. Contact Bressman Law to find out how our legal team can help make things right in your injury claim. Call today 1-877-538-1116.