Avoiding Road Rage While Driving: Tips for Drivers in Ohio

We all know that driving is dangerous. Drivers with road rage add to this danger.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol defines road rage as “emotion-based reckless, aggressive and intimidating driving.” Road rage is a growing concern across the United States as well as here in Ohio.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAA) found that nearly 80 percent of drivers admit to having road rage. To learn more about the prevalence of road rage, please read my post: “Almost 80% of Drivers Admit to Road Rage.”

Many people believe that the source of driver frustration is heavy, congested, traffic. However, the true source of driver aggression rests within each of us. With the source being internal, it is possible to take certain steps to lower stress levels that might lead to road rage.

Tips for Staying Calm Behind the Wheel

The following tips can help you lower your stress level and avoid road rage:

  • Make sure that you get plenty of sleep; at least eight hours. A lack of sleep increases the chances that you will feel annoyance, and even anger, towards other drivers. This is especially true in heavy traffic.
  • Allow extra time for your route. For instance, head to work earlier than you normally would. This allows you to prepare for the unexpected, such as having to get gas, taking a detour, heavy traffic, et cetera.
  • Listen to relaxing music. The type of music you decide to listen to is important when it comes to avoiding road rage. It helps to listen to slow, relaxing music rather than fast, aggressive music.
  • Change lanes if somebody is tailgating you . You do not want to enrage the driver behind you.
  • Only use your horn when absolutely necessary. Blowing your horn can annoy or enrage another driver.
  • Avoid making eye contact with an angry driver. If another driver is being reckless or trying to get your attention, do not engage them. Look straight ahead with your hands on the wheel.
  • Drive safely. You can’t control other drivers’ behavior. But you can control yours. Avoid reckless and aggressive driving behavior that might lead to road rage. And if another driver is not paying you the same courtesy, use the tips above to avoid escalating the situation.

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