Questions to Ask a Lawyer

You or someone you love just suffered a serious personal injury. Now you’re forced to consider hiring an Ohio injury attorney because your medical bills are piling up, you’re missing work because you’re in severe pain, and you’re losing income. But before you decide on who will represent your case, arrive at your legal consultation prepared with this list of critical questions. His or her answers will help you determine if s/he is right for you and your personal injury claim.

Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring an Attorney
The first question you should ask the attorney is what area(s) of law s/he specializes in. If s/he primarily handles medical malpractice cases and doesn’t handle traffic accidents, s/he might not be the best choice for a truck accident claim. You may also ask how long the attorney has been practicing in a particular area and if the lawyer has handled similar cases.

A second question to ask a lawyer is what his/her expectations are regarding your case. For instance, you’ll want to know your chances of receiving a fair and comprehensive settlement and how long it’ll take to get an offer. Keep in mind that no attorney should ever guarantee results, but there might be at least some thoughts on what could happen given the circumstances.

Third, when hiring an attorney, be sure to ask what legal fees can be expected and if the Ohio injury attorney can provide a fee schedule. Determine if s/he works on a contingency fee basis or by the hour. Inquire about ways to possibly cut costs. These needn’t be offensive to the attorney.

For example, the attorney may want to allow some paralegals to handle research or phone calls which could both reduce your costs as well as the time that specific attorney needs to address matters that someone else could do.

Fourth, ask the attorney about the firm’s communication policy. What will be the best way to contact him/her? Through email, telephone, or other means? About how often can updates on the case be expected?

Individuals in Ohio can contact an injury attorney at Bressman Law to set up a consultation if interested in hiring an attorney. Be prepared with questions to ask the lawyer during your consultation, and be prepared to discuss case details.