Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Lawyer

You or someone you love just suffered a serious personal injury. Now you are considering hiring an Ohio injury attorney to ensure your damages are covered in the insurance settlement. Before you make this important decision, it is important to realize that not all attorneys are equal when it comes to handling your injury claim. Some attorneys have more experience than others with certain types of cases, and it will benefit your case greatly to do a little extra research on your potential lawyer before hiring them.

The following are questions that you should consider asking before you hire a new attorney.  The answers he gives will provide you with a better idea of how he handles cases like yours, what to expect when working with his firm, and most importantly, whether or not you are comfortable with his representation of you in your injury claim.

Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring an Attorney

What area(s) of law do you primarily handle?

There are many areas of personal injury law, each with its own unique nuances. If he primarily handles medical malpractice cases and does not handle traffic accidents, he might not be the best choice for a traffic accident claim. You may also ask how long the attorney has been practicing in a particular area and if the lawyer has handled similar cases.

What are your expectations regarding my case?

In other words, how does the lawyer expect your case to progress? For instance, you will want to know your chances of receiving a fair and comprehensive settlement and how long it will take to get an offer. Keep in mind that no attorney should ever guarantee results, but there might be at least some thoughts on what could happen given the circumstances. Attorneys who have handled similar cases in the past should be able to provide you with example case results.

What kind of fees do you charge and what is your fee schedule?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they do not collect any fees unless they win you a settlement. However, some attorneys will charge fees by the hour, which can come as a shock once you receive the final bill. You have the right to inquire about ways to possibly cut costs and request estimates up front before agreeing to any legal services. These will not be offensive to the attorney.

For example, the attorney may want to allow some paralegals to handle research or phone calls which could both reduce your costs as well as the time that specific attorney needs to address matters that someone else could do.

How will the law firm communicate with me about my claim?

Communication is an essential part of a good working relationship with your personal injury law firm. An attorney that does not return phone calls or loses emails is one that may not be the best option for handling your claim. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how they communicate with their clients and on what type of schedule you should expect regular updates on your claim.

Attorney David Bressman is Ready to Answer These Questions and More

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