Account for Your Chronic Pain in a Personal Injury Claim

Because pain is an obvious part of being in a serious accident, many people do not realize that long-lasting pain is a separate medical condition called chronic pain. Chronic pain is often overlooked as a type of injury from an accident because it can be difficult to diagnose and prove.

If you were in an accident and now suffer from chronic pain, Bressman Law can help you keep track of the impact the pain has on your life and seek damages to compensate for your losses.

How do I track the effects of my chronic pain on my life?

Part of seeking damages for chronic pain after an accident is proving the impact it has on your ability to work and your well-being. Keeping a journal of how you feel each day and how pain limits your ability to perform normal daily tasks will be helpful for both your legal case and your doctor.

Your chronic pain can impair your ability to return to normal work. You might need to ask your supervisor for light duty or more breaks to allow you to rest and not over exert yourself. Depending on your line of work, the pain may make it impossible to work, and you will need to take personal time or use temporary disability benefits.

How does chronic pain treatment factor into my personal injury claim?

Doctors can help you manage chronic pain in several different ways. Your doctor may prescribe pain medication to help with the symptoms. Depending on the cause of the pain, you may need anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, or opioids, the costs of which can add up over the months or even years that your chronic pain lasts.

Physical therapy, surgery, chiropractic care, and massage therapy are all common treatments used to alleviate chronic pain. Health insurance may cover some of these, but the coverage is often limited and you still must meet your deductible. If assistive devices such as a standing desk or ergonomic pillows alleviate your pain, those are costs you will likely incur on your own.

Can I collect damages for pain and suffering?

When chronic pain puts limitations on your ability to live your normal life, depression can become an issue. Furthermore, chronic pain can lead to a loss of enjoyment of life and even anxiety regarding unexpected surges in pain.

Between the lost wages, the cost of ongoing medical treatment, and emotional damages, chronic pain is a cause for filing a personal injury claim for damages. At Bressman Law, we help you calculate pain and suffering damages and add that to your medical expenses and wage losses. We also guide you through tracking and quantifying your pain and identifying liability for the accident.

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